907 Updates June 13, 2017

By Rebecca Palsha & Sidney Sullivan: New signs warn of the dangers of distracted driving
By Kyle Hopkins: A KILLER AMONG US’: Watch the full documentary here
By Liz Raines Photojournalist: Cale Green: Alaska lawmakers optimistic about passing budget by Friday
“We’re remaining free at the meters, so there’s no need for the public on Saturday or Sunday as it exists today to feed the meter, just to encourage that turn over at the two hour limit,” said Parking Director Brian Borguno.

A “soft rollout” for July means only warning tickets will be issued, after that the penalty for exceeding the two-hour limit is a $20 parking ticket.
“When people come downtown on Saturdays and see every space taken up it can be discouraging and they don’t want to come downtown,” Borguno said.
The pilot program will run through September. The ACDA says there hasn’t been a decision to continue Saturday parking enforcement beyond then.
By Dan Carpenter: Downtown parking rules to change on Saturdays in Anchorage

By Ashleigh Ebert: Eskimo Ninja Warrior completes qualifying round in L.A.

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