907 Updates July 14, 2017

By Cameron Mackintosh: Eagle River park temporarily closed after playground vandalism
By Cameron Mackintosh: Bethel Police searching for man wanted on sex assault charge
By Liz Raines: Special sessions have cost nearly $400,000 in per diem, lawmakers likely headed for another
By Daniella Rivera Photojournalist: Rachel McPherron: Should lawmakers be able to block constituents on Twitter?
Author: Dermot Cole Surprise. Trump administration gives Obamacare a boost in Alaska
Reality Check w/ John Tracy: Is it time to turn off water at Mile 109?
So here’s the question: should the state get rid of the pipe in the interest of safety? Or, perhaps fence it in, if not year round, then during summer months when the traffic doubles?

Girdwood residents have already weighed in. Their local advisory group, Girdwood 2020, is asking DOT to remove the pipe.

Driving this highway every day is risky enough. Does it need to be riskier by playing chicken with Alaskans in need of a very ordinary drink of water?
By Lauren Maxwell: DOC hiring new officers in light of SB91
The state is looking to hire 45 pre-trail officers as soon as possible. Department Spokeswoman Megan Edge said some of the positions have already been filled, but not all. She said the jobs pay well, averaging about $92,000 a year including salary and benefits.
By Rebecca Palsha: Want a job? The Division of Alaska State Troopers is hiring again, and again
By Dan Carpenter: Sections of Alaska Highway closed due to wildfires
By Heather Hintze: Sign pilot project tackles trailhead parking problems
Alaska State Troopers Press Release of Friday, July 14, 2017

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