907 Updates August 13, 2017

Comments? Difficult to have faith in the police force given the secrecy in the department.
By Austin Baird: Anchorage police chief was secretly suspended in 2015, court documents reveal
City officials kept the punishment secret in 2015, and even today, under a new mayor and new police leadership, the department remains quiet about details of the suspension.
By AP: Governor Walker calls for more defenses amid N. Korea threat
By Chris Klint: Deadly Midtown stabbing caught on video, charges say

By Chris Klint: Suspect in woman’s Anchorage strangling case granted conditions for bail
By KTVA Web Staff: Alaska Dispatch News poised to change owners amid bankruptcy filing
Author: Ryan Binkley and Jason Evans: A message from the new publishers of Alaska Dispatch News
Author: Julia O’Malley Internet threats hound teen subsistence hunter after he kills bowhead whale

By Chris Klint: ‘Cardiac event’ likely cause of fatal 2014 Birchwood helicopter crash, NTSB says
By Samantha Angaiak: Families honor children who passed away through “Walk to Remember”
Anyone in need of help through the grieving process can contact Providence Bereavement Council at 212-3344.
Good Luck Kate Cannon!
By Victoria Taylor: Residents start street safety petition in Mountain View
By Victoria Taylor: Wildlife Troopers investigate alleged case of sheep poaching
By Daybreak Staff: Mic Check in the Morning: Emily Anderson
By Daybreak Staff: Author and Entrepreneur Leland Jones


Alaska is simultaneously the most northern, the most western, and the most eastern state in the US

Wait, what? Look on a map and it’s easy to see that Alaska is the United States’ most northern and western state. But eastern? That’s because the Aleutian Islands are part of Alaska and stretch beyond the 180° line of longitude (which is measured from Greenwich) thus placing some of the islands technically in the Eastern hemisphere, since the dividing line for the eastern/western hemisphere is at 180° (source)

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