907 Updates April 27, 2017

By Leroy Polk: Wasilla man found guilty for blackmailing, extorting women with sexually explicit material of them

By Associated Press: Pot farm’s cash shipment blocked by US Postal Service

By Liz Raines: Governor, education advocates ramp up pressure on Senate over cuts, broad-based tax
By Bonney Bowman: Anchorage homeowners to see property tax increase


By Daniella Rivera: Anchorage municipality shows residents options for fixing Chester Creek flooding


Alaska Highway News
By Daybreak Staff: Alyssa London aims to be first Alaskan to win Miss USA crown

Little Sister of Jesus, Marie Josephe Brin Long-serving religious sister dies in Alaska
The Little sisters have two communities in Alaska, one in Anchorage and the second in Nome.
By Matthew F. Smith, May 27, 2014 Profile: Little Sisters Leave Western Alaska

Twice In A Lifetime

Twice in a lifetime:

He has a particular gift for the aphorism. I plan to start my next scientific talk by quoting this one:

“You will reply that reality has not the slightest obligation to be interesting. I will reply in turn that reality may get along without that obligation, but hypotheses may not.”

And, more simply, and very much to the heart of someone who, in the company of his children, watches schools of flying fish exploding from the sapphire water all day long, each lonely fish held aloft on wings that look like nets of diamonds:

“In this world, beauty is so common.”