907 Updates August 11, 2017

By Beth Verge and Cameron Mackintosh BREAKING: Police addressing standoff in Abbott Loop area
By John Tracy: Reality Check w/ John Tracy: Does Stacey Graham deserve reduced sentence?
But now, Graham is appealing his sentence because he thinks it’s too long. He wants a do-over– and under state law, he gets one. And, the families of the girls are feeling less forgiving. They are angry and confused– and they should be.
By Sidney Sullivan: MAP: See how 2017 Anchorage homicides compare to the deadliest year on record

By Dan Carpenter: Federal sexual violence investigation targets Anchorage School District

By Sean Maguire: AST says 42 iPads were stolen from Tok School

Tech security tips for back to school shopping
By Shawn Wilson: Operation Homefront gets JBER students ready for school

By Kalinda Kindle: Blending in alternative schooling options for Mat-Su students
By Tracy Sinclare: Early season storm will bring snow and high surf to northern Alaska
As the storm moves through, snow will fall in the Brooks Range. It will begin Friday in the western mountains. And it will move to the eastern passes by Sunday. Some passes in the Brooks Range could see 6 inches, or more, of snow.
David Samson: Colorectal Cancer Death Rates Rising in People Under 55
By Steffi Lee Photojournalist: Rachel McPherron With the ban on the sale of May Day trees, what more can Anchorage do to stop the spread?
Rodda said he’s received calls from private homeowners asking the municipality for tree removal help, but the city can’t work on private property.

By Megan Schnese, University of Alaska, Anchorage The Pros and Cons of Living in Alaska
Lake Tahoe authors win first at Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference
In his 20s, Bruce Rettig worked at least 12 hours each day of the week — on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

“We were trapped in a time warp, interactions almost exclusively limited to the confines of a camp consisting of seven barges and 10 tugboats anchored off a thin spit of land jutting into the Arctic Ocean,” he states in his new nonfiction novel “Refraction.”

Now 30 years after his summers spent on Alaska’s North Slope, Rettig has chronicled his experience working in the Prudhoe Bay Oil Field in his memoir, which took first place in the nonfiction/memoir category of the 2017 Pacific Northwest Writers Association contest held from Thursday, July 20, through Sunday, July 23.