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By Leroy Polk: 3 men sought in 3 Wasilla incidents, including stabbing, ‘nearly crushing’ an officer with a car
By Daniel Kirby: APD: Repeat car theft suspect arrested after crashing stolen vehicle into tree
By Cameron Mackintosh: Echo Terry testifies against child abuse allegations in ongoing jury trial
By Chris Klint: APD officer missed gun during suspect search
By Sean Maguire: Dimond High School football holds meeting to address sexual abuse allegations
By Michelle Therriault Boots: Anchorage police investigate alleged Dimond football hazing

What’s good is that a young person told a parent, and the parent quickly reported. Shame is a powerful emotion, and these kinds of incidents may go undiscovered until it’s too late. The victims may then become perpetrators later, and the cycle continues.

I hope the adults involved will deliver appropriate punishment but will also do all that it takes to educate these young people. We desperately need comprehensive sexuality education in our schools and society. Human sexuality is a complex phenomenon–beautiful and powerful and potentially very harmful because of its power. The shame surrounding sexuality–don’t talk about it and it will not exist attitude–opens a way for hazing and even for sexual abuse at the highest levels of the church. Many will feel a desire for retribution, understandable, but we also need something more constructive and productive. This could be a teaching and learning moment. Let’s work to break the cycle.
By Shannon Ballard: Paradise Inn palm tree returns to Spenard
Mic Check in the Morning: Justin Birchell
By Beth Bragg: 2019 Iron Dog snowmachine race is a go, organizers say
By CBS News: Women, Alaska Natives more likely to have disabilities

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