907 Updates February 18, 2017

Charles Wohlforth: How a veteran cop talked his way through Anchorage’s wild nights


Ned Rozel: How the Cold War inspired the Poker Flat rocket range’s first launches


Who to bet on to crush the record, win the race, and dominate the field… the woman that biked 2100 miles to get to the 2800 mile race. She was just getting warmed up. You better not bet against her.



Suzanna Caldwell: Alaska music festival director Zuill Bailey wins Grammy award


Alaska —Veneman, Elizabeth Linhart, author.
Insight Guide Alaska is a comprehensive travel guide to one of the world’s most exciting destinations. Full-color photos throughout combine with the lively text to help you discover this vast state. Alaska is more than twice the size of Texas, is home to 17 of the nation’s 20 highest peaks, and has more active glaciers than the rest of the inhabited world.