907 Updates March 31, 2018

By Tegan Hanlon: 5 people charged in meth-related robbery and assault in Sitka
How about locking these epic failures away from law-abiding citizens?~
By Sidney Sullivan: WATCH: To curb crime, authorities add 2 police officers to the Anchorage District Attorney’s Office
By Kalinda Kindle: Online tool to help track the opioid information in Alaska
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Alaska Opioid Data Dashboard
By Alex DeMarban: Chinese entities eyeing $43 billion Alaska LNG send large delegation to study project
By Nathaniel Herz: Alaska House reverses vote to pay $2,700 PFDs and proposes $1,600 instead
By Jackie Purcell: Polars bears steal a seal from hunters
Would you announce to everyone, especially given the rise in crime, that you are running a business out of your home?
By Alex DeMarban: Storage auctions are on the rise in Alaska, auctioneers say. In come the fortune hunters.

By Kari Bustamante: Inspired by Empowerment Summit, Dimond students create Women’s Club
By Lauren Maxwell: Side Street Espresso declares war on paper cups

By Melissa Devaughn: Iconic in Alaska, classic Xtratuf boot gets a redesign


Mic Check in the Morning: Kayona Ziegler
Moms Everyday Alaska Family Features: Bacon and egg breakfast pizza