907 Updates November 30, 2017

How a Wasilla man, out on bail, was able to attack his victim again
Wasilla man guilty of woman’s kidnapping, attempted murder
By Leroy Polk: Seward man arrested after shooting neighbor in the head with shotgun
By Kalinda Kindle: Alaska Senators say they plan to support individuals choosing to go without health care
“You can pay now or you can pay later, but if you are forced to go to the ER that could potentially bankrupt you,” Horton said.

He says medical care is expensive already.

“If you are uninsured and you break a leg you are going to have to the ER and that is where insurance is going up because ER’s have to over right the cost for people that are uninsured,” Horton said.
By Associated Press: Number of jobs in Prudhoe Bay region drops to decade low
Alaska’s Energy Desk reported Wednesday that the region had a record 13,485 jobs in March 2015, but that number has since dropped to 8,923.
By Cameron Mackintosh: School Board sends $50 million bond package proposal to assembly
By Samantha Angaiak: Performance event aims to inspire wellness through Native humor, art
What should she and Alaska Airlines have done?
Randi Zuckerberg calls out Alaska Airlines over ‘lewd’ passenger
Cow moose guarding dead calf near Spenard home
Marsh said that cow moose often remain with dead calves but will move on shortly, so no action was taken regarding the cow by Fish and Game. Under state law, homeowners must remove carcasses of dead wildlife on their property.

“Although the dwelling is unoccupied, it’s still got a landowner and that person will be responsible for removing the carcass,” Marsh said.
Wasilla first-grader wins $25,000 scholarship
Workforce Wednesday: Young Fishermen’s Summit
The Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit is December 6-8 at the Dena’ina Center in Anchorage.

You can register for the summit, here.
Lymph System Shocker!!! The PD Pundit Looks at Yet Another Surprise From the Amazing Brain
Growing an Indoor Edible Garden