Captain Dunn’s 1936 Pontiac Six 4.0-Litre Motorhome

Captain Dunn's Motorhome Sad yet loving story

Captain Dunn’s Motorhome
Sad yet loving story


At the Bexhill festival, the owners were introduced to an elderly gentleman who had been an apprentice at Russell’s in the mid 1930s and whose first job had been to work on the Pontiac motorhome. They were also introduced to the Dunn family’s financial advisor, who told them that Captain Dunn had contracted polio on his honeymoon, which left him paralysed and requiring the use of a wheelchair. During WW2 Captain Dunn was evacuated to Wales on account of his disability.

In 1946 he died, leaving everything to his widow. Apparently, the van had been placed in storage in 1940, raised on blocks and with the spark plugs removed and oil tipped into the cylinder bores. Every few months Mrs Dunn would turn the engine over on the starting handle, a practice she repeated right up to her death in 1991. This explained why the engine had started so readily, despite the Pontiac being off the road for some 50 years.

1936 Pontiac Six 4.0-Litre Motorhome
Coachwork by Russell’s of Bexhill
Registration no. NJ 9247
Chassis no. 6BA13333
*Unique coachbuilt 1930s motorhome
*Two owners from new
*Outstandingly original ‘time warp’ condition
*9,205 miles from new