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Step 1: Come on the hike with us on Sunday in the SUNSHINE at Portage Pass.
Step 2: Lets figure out how to make these.

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Jody Patrick Brion
May 11 · Anchorage, AK

Good morning. With more than a handful of new members, I thought I’d take a moment and reiterate the vibe of this group. I started it last year as a way to join several eclectic subgroups of my friends doing something we all love: hiking. Since then, due to the enthusiastic response of many nature-loving friends and friends-of-friends and friends-of-friends-of-friends, etc. we have grown into a sizeable group. My template is to select, and toss up as an event, a Sunday afternoon hike in the Anchorage area, with the idea being to hit as many great spots as possible, and some of them two or three times. However, this group is also accommodating to anyone who is headed out and wants a partner or partners- and just wants to post a “I’m climbing Flattop this afternoon. Anyone care to join?” kind of notice. We love pictures here, especially selfies taken outside. The age range of our group runs the gamut- and our hikes almost always have kids and dogs tagging along. The dynamic is that we do not all know each other- yet- but that if you hike with us this summer, you are guaranteed to end the season with 30-50 new friends who share at least one interest in common. Last thing I’ll mention is that this year I am going to continue into wintertime activities- skiing, snow shoeing, ice skating, sledding and winter camping parties.

Alaska Frontier – You Tube August 26, 2016



Selfie With Mona And Other ParisMuseum Highlights

We had comfortable weather last week in Paris, but now that we’re back it’s hot. My computer says it’s 38 C (100 F) now at 7:30 pm.  We decided the best place to be was inside the air conditioned museums.  So we got museum passes and we’re using them.

Selfie With Mona And Other ParisMuseum Highlights


Anatomy of a Sleepless Night

When I discovered the Big Three recommendations for a good Third Third (structure, purpose, and a sense of community), I knew my most obvious challenge was probably going to be sleeping. Or rather, sleeping on a regular basis on a regular schedule for a regular number of hours. Or, to be more accurate, sleeping. Period.

Anatomy of a Sleepless Night


Alaska State Fair August 25, 2016

Yes it is raining!



Alaska State Fair, 2016



907 Updates August 25, 2016

Heather Shade and Sean Copeland Distill It Down

Presented by First National Bank Alaska

MAKING IT: Building Southeast Alaska’s first distillery
SPONSORED: One couple navigated uncharted straits to infuse whiskey and other spirits with Alaska flavors and history.


No harm, no foul?

Alex DeMarban: SEC targets North Slope Borough over false statements during bond sales

The settlement does not provide a fine, and there is no admission of wrongdoing by the borough. The settlement calls for the borough to take remedial steps to prevent the problem in future bond sales, a step that borough officials say has already occurred.


Andrew Reid & Wassillie Gregory Dancing with their devils

Lisa Demer:  Former Bethel cop must serve time for violent 2014 arrest caught on video

Gregory already received a $175,000 civil settlement from the city of Bethel. A harassment conviction against him from the incident was dismissed last year.

The money hasn’t really helped, his sister said. Mainly, she said, he drinks it away.


Angela Gonzalez Alaska Native Heritage Center August 24, 2016

Thank you for all who have been watching my videos on the Athabascan Woman Blog Facebook Page and the YouTube channel! Here is my latest video with a shout out to the Alaska Native Heritage Center. Check it out!


Angela Gonzalez Alaska Native Heritage Center August 24, 2016


Jahna Lindemuth, 46, will be the state’s second female attorney general. August 24, 2016

Lindemuth’s first day as Alaska attorney general — the job pays $138,000 a year — was Aug. 8. She only had to move down the hall from her old partner-in-charge office at Dorsey and Whitney to her new digs with the Alaska Department of Law on the sixth floor of the Brady Building in downtown Anchorage.

In addition to her private work, Lindemuth is known for providing free legal work to people who need help. She played a key role in the Fairbanks Four case that ended in December, helping to challenge the convictions of four men for a 1997 murder they said someone else committed.

Lindemuth will face a confirmation decision by the Legislature this spring.

Alex DeMarban, Nathaniel Herz: Jahna Lindemuth, 46, will be the state’s second female attorney general.

Mat-Su River August 24, 2016

Workers on Tuesday afternoon were piling rock next to the highway but the plan is to lay the trench on the river side of the Matanuska Electric Association power poles, officials say. As of late afternoon, crews lacked permission to dig from a private landowner at the start of the trench; the rest of the project falls on Matanuska-Susitna Borough land.


Zaz Hollander: Works begins on $1M trench to stave off Matanuska River erosion



Our Third Thirds: Mia August 24, 2016

“I came from a business where you’re in a fight all the time, and it’s a physical team thing. I didn’t find that in the normal day-to-day life. Then I saw that being a Soldier would keep me hands-on, active and keep me in that team environment that I craved and needed so much.

Profiles in Third Thirds: Mia