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907 Updates January 15, 2017

Glad he turned himself in.  
Alaska Dispatch News: Police: Anchorage man surrenders after pedestrian killed in hit-and-run


Congratulations Les Gara
Lisa Demer: State representative wins national award as a former foster kid who helps others

Casey Family Program’s


Congratulations Robert and Beatrice Coleman for their fight for basic human rights
Ross Coen: How Alaska’s equal rights law was first put to the test

907 Updates January 14, 2017


Comments on neighborhood watches, do you or will you be participating?
Zaz Hollander: Not Mayberry: Palmer looks to neighborhood watches to combat crime


Alex DeMarban: ConocoPhillips announces Alaska discovery with daily production potential of 100,000 barrels


Condolences.  What is your favorite brew/blend of Kaladi?
Suzanna Caldwell: Dale Tran, a leading force at Kaladi Brothers, dies unexpectedly in Anchorage


Zaz Hollander:  Mat-Su gives break to small marijuana growers, downtown Talkeetna retailer


By Lori Townsend, Alaska Public Media: March for women’s rights


Tegan Hanlon: UAA faculty votes no confidence in University of Alaska president


Mike Dunham: For Anchorage musician Laura Oden, dormant decade led to a musical revival



Good Books Bad Coffee: The Top-Ten Bestselling Books of 2016

907 Updates January 13, 2017

Zaz Hollander: In June, a teen died from a gunshot wound in Wasilla. Now the once-closed case is getting another look.


Erica Martinson: Alaska lawmakers eye long-term changes to health care law as ACA repeal gets underway


Abby Ohlheiser, The Washington Post: This creepy genealogy site knows a lot about you – and shares it

907 Updates January 12, 2017

How do the children and their father recover from divorce, mom hooked up with murderer, (Santiago mentally ill or not)  and loss of their home?
Laurel Andrews: Nobody hurt as Bird Creek home destroyed by fire
The fire was in a single-family home adjacent to Birdhouse Garage, a business owned by William Peterson, according to public records. Peterson is the ex-husband of Gina Peterson, who has been the girlfriend of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, airport shooting suspect Esteban Santiago.


Steve Meyer: Malicious or magnificent? Why the AR-15 is America’s most popular rifle

907 Updates January 11, 2017

Samson has his “Trump” on!


Not sure how well this will work for victims the long run.
Alex DeMarban: State signs landmark deal to allow tribal prosecution of low-level crimes


Good.  Unfortunately her life reads like a train wreck. She would have had to live with the fact she murdered an infant, her daughter.
Jerzy Shedlock: Murder defendant dies after being found unresponsive in jail cell
Laurel Andrews: Stray dog brought to Anchorage tests positive for rabies


Excellent news!  Plus the drug companies are not making obscene profits on people’s pain.
Devin Kelly: Number of Anchorage pot shops will double with new approvals


Mike Dunham: Wildflower wizard Verna Pratt dies in Anchorage


Elwood Brehmer: Study: New North Pacific fleet would cost $11.6B

907 Updates January 10, 2017

One bullet.
By Daniella Rivera: Teen suspect in Grunwald case now facing separate child porn charges


Carl Prine and Sally Kestin Contact Reporters: Esteban Santiago: Gritty life on the Alaska streets


By Dan Carpenter: Pre-filed bill would change the way assault kits are handled


By Leroy Polk Marine rescue caught on camera when a whale became tangled in cable



By Sidney Sullivan:: DATA VIZ: Mental Illness Rates in Alaska (2010 – 2014)




2017 Alaska Health Fair





907 Updates January 09, 2017

I might be using another source for Alaska information. I realize Alaska Dispatch is pretty much the only game in town, but is this little bit of news worth it?
Alaska Dispatch News
If you have an Alaska Dispatch News print subscription, you will be able to receive the e-Edition as part of your print subscription. For non-print subscribers, the ADN e-edition will be $9.99 per month.


Presented by Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium: In rural Alaska, community health aides connect neighbors to medical care


Zaz Hollander: As suburbia replaces frontier, Mat-Su considers restricting trapping for the first time

Websites of Interest

Alaska Floats My Boat


Little House Big Alaska | Living Life in the Far North


907 Updates January 08, 2017

Are there fault or responsibility issues?
Annie Zak, Suzanna Caldwell:  Anchorage police returned gun to Florida shooting suspect after ‘mental health crisis’


Eminent Domain
Devin Kelly: City of Anchorage poised to head to court with property owners on Spenard Road


Alice Rogoff: A New Year’s update from the publisher of Alaska Dispatch News


Annie Zak: Alaska’s next big crop will be … rhodiola? These farmers and researchers hope so.




907 Updates January 07, 2016

One bullet. Be interesting to know the folks that “survived” what quality of life will they have?  Quadriplegic, coma? Those are harsh, but real examples of what is medically termed as “survived.”
Nathaniel Herz, Chris Klint, Suzanna Caldwell, Jerzy Shedlock: Esteban Santiago, the suspect in Florida airport shooting, was an Anchorage resident


Tegan Hanlon: State review concludes Juneau police officer was justified in using deadly force


Chris Klint: Anchorage police form group to strengthen community bonds


Possible options? Private property fences, community service patrols, park camera’s, park fee’s?
Devin Kelly: Some Anchorage homeowners don’t pay taxes for park upkeep. An assemblyman wants to change that.


Rasmuson Foundation announces new board member, new staff 


Rasmuson Foundation: Artists Invited to Apply for Grants



This is a reminder of the upcoming deadline for providing input on possible changes to Alaska’s regulations at 18 AAC 75 Oil and Other Hazardous Substances and 18 AAC 78 Underground Storage Tanks related to petroleum cleanup levels and how they are calculated for spills, leaking underground storage tanks and contaminated sites.
Please see the notice at Alaska Online Public Notices or visit our website created for this regulations scoping project. The deadline for providing comments and input to the department is Jan. 15, 2017.
The department greatly appreciates your time and effort in reviewing the notice and providing comments on this important area of our regulations.  For any questions please feel free to contact me by phone or email.
Sally Schlichting
Unit Manager for Technical Services, Policy & Regulations
Contaminated Sites Program
Alaska Department of Environmental Conservatio
410 Willoughby Avenue, Juneau, Alaska 99811
Phone: 907-465-5076