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907 Updates December 1, 2016



Any Alaskan millionaires or large corporations that can help with shelters?  Taxing the churches to help pay for shelter needs?
Devin Kelly: With temperature falling and need rising, shelters turn some homeless away


Floated? There are no veterans that are able,  capable and willing of holding this position?
Erica Martinson: Sarah Palin’s name floated for secretary of Veterans Affairs


Erin Kirkland: Cut your own Christmas tree on Alaska public lands with family


Suzanna Caldwell: Rafters found a modern message in a bottle. Bird researchers found a wildlife soap opera.



907Updates November 30, 2016

Governor Walker might be able to fix this.
Devin Kelly: Standoff over Seward Highway policing could lead to long road shutdowns


Suzanna Caldwell: 2 groups bid to take over beleaguered Mat-Su slaughterhouse

907 Updates November 29, 2016

Laurel Andrews:  3 dead this year as outbreak of new strep bacteria hits Alaska



Kriner’s Diner was robbed, again





Devin Kelly: Anchorage fixes homeless-camp reporting website as evictions and cleanup soar



Jeannette Falsey: Following a national trend, Alaskans are cutting the cord and dropping cable TV



Suzanna Caldwell: New website shares treasure trove of ancient objects found in Kotzebue

Kotzebue Artifacts


907 Updates November 28, 2016

Thank you Robin Nave
Devin Kelly:  An Anchorage police officer tries a new approach to tackle neighborhood crime concerns


Chris Klint: Suspect sought in morning Muldoon break-ins targeting women


 Mother and child: Navigating a complicated pregnancy at the Alaska Native Medical Center
SPONSORED: Family support and an experienced medical team helped first-time mom Iriqtaq Hailstone welcome her baby boy.


Laurel Andrews: A look at some of the marijuana products Alaskans can expect in the months ahead


Michelle Theriault Boots: Alaska artist Riba DeWilde shot and killed in Tok; son in custody


Chris Klint:  2 bodies found in burned Ford Bronco in Soldotna


Gayathri Vaidyanathan, for the Washington Post: Thawing Arctic ice reveals new clues in mystery of the lost ships Terror and Erebus




907 Updates November 27, 2016


How do these folks qualify for a nice home, including a garage? Plus they have money for multiple children but not birth control?  Travel money but need a new home given to them…arrrrgh! Be nice to have safe, quality housing for veterans, victims of DV, etc.
Marc Lester: Homeowners at a new Habitat for Humanity subdivision in East Anchorage have come a long way.


Neighbor just bought a club cab 4×4 pick-up, $52,000.  It was not fully loaded.  With cost of vehicles, more folks might be riding the people mover.
Devin Kelly: Anchorage’s People Mover bus system considers major changes to the way routes are designed



Bethel Search and Rescue


Fairbanks, Alaska  Permafrost Tunnel
This frozen tunnel in central Alaska is both an engineering feat and a valuable climate classroom.

Permafrost Tunnel virtual tour


Dewayne Brantley: 1987 Flying Tigers 747 landing with blown tires






907 Updates November 26, 2016

Nathaniel Herz: Alaska Gov. Walker looks to local leaders for help lobbying lawmakers on budget plan


Suzanna Caldwell: Four found dead in Fairbanks hotel room




Zaz Hollander: An ambitious state study aims to reduce Mat-Su moose crashes



Mike Dunham: Inupiaq artist Allison Warden lives her art for 2-month installation piece at Anchorage Museum



Ned Rozell: Bowhead whales might be the longest-lived mammals on the planet



Erica Martinson: Alaskan Bob Gillam wants to be U.S. Interior secretary

907 Updates November 25, 2016

Additional corners for those who are self-employed~?
Annie Zak: A well-trafficked Spenard corner has big changes in store


Tegan Hanlon:  Iditarod bans mushers from carrying sled dogs in trailers, and some aren’t happy


Jerzy Shedlock: In a first, state sues company over an abandoned barge in a slough near Bethel


907 Updates November 24, 2016

2.7+ this morning

Jerzy Shedlock: Snow forecast for Southcentral Alaska starting Thanksgiving night


And the saga continues~
Annie Zak: Kenai borough Assembly votes — again — to change invocation rules



I hope it is a small side.

I hope it is a small side.






907 Updates November 23, 2016

One bullet each for his attackers.
Michelle Theriault Boots: Mountain View man beaten with hammer not expected to fully recover


Tegan Hanlon: Anchorage teacher wins national award worth $25,000


Laurel Andrews: 8 grams of marijuana surrendered at Fairbanks airport clarifies rules on flying with pot in Alaska


I encourage the Board of Regent Members, University staff and management to pay for these programs they are so passionate about. They can also donate their entire PFD’s for as long they are eligible to receive them or the PFD program lasts.

Ask accounting, financial management students to go through the school budgets, etc. and determine how and where to cut costs to provide for athletic programs.
Jo Heckman: Alaskans need to pony up for university sports




907 Updates November 22, 2016

Tegan Hanlon: Anchorage inmate dies after apparent suicide attempt, DOC says


Chris Klint: Volunteers continue search for Palmer teen as troopers investigate


How much longer can the Legislature drag this out? No conflict of interest??
Nathaniel Herz: Dispute over Legislature’s Anchorage offices could end in court


Annie Zak: New app lets you Alaska-fy your text messages