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907 Updates July 21, 2017

By Kyle Hopkins: In Ketchikan, the story of a doctor’s mysterious death and the arrest of a former exotic dancer
By Sean Maguire: Emergency mental health care extended to veterans with other-than honorable discharges
By Mike Ross: Pipeline at 40: Robots on patrol for corrosion
By Sidney Sullivan: PHOTOS: 2017 World Eskimo-Indian Olympics
By Leroy Polk: Fishing ship declared missing with six people aboard has been found, officials say
By Steffi Lee Photojournalist: John Thain: Woman thinks people who helped her get to the hospital likely stole her car
By Chris Klint: Port Graham man charged with faking his disappearance at sea
Author: Loren Holmes: Alaska Mountain Rugby Grounds impresses teams from around the world
Author: Dermot Cole Underground Alaska and one of the most dangerous jobs in the world

Darlene Hamre  Twenty-five years in the pilot’s seat  July 20, 2017

Twenty-five years in the pilot’s seat

Our Third Thirds: I was there.   July 20, 2017


Our Third Thirds: I was there.
Barbara Brown blog about life in the Third Third: empty nest, retirement, de-cluttering, adventures, crashes, New Things, all with art and humor.

907 Updates July 20, 2017

By Blake Essig: DA’s office has tough time prosecuting vehicle theft suspects
By Victoria Taylor: Anchorage business owner thrown from car while chasing thief
By Cameron Mackintosh: APD responds to early morning collision between train and SUV
By Rebecca Palsha: Why 15 seconds is too long for Anchorage police dispatch
By Austin Baird: Proposed housing center for homeless seniors met with mixed reactions
By Lauren Maxwell: Assemblyman objects to new shelter downtown
By Leroy Polk: Alaska radio station fined more than $60K for violating broadcast rules
By Patrick Enslow: Ostrander named Mountain West female athlete of the year.
By KTVA Web Staff: Joe Balash gets Federal appointment by Trump administration
Author: Charles Wohlforth: Meet a cab driver who raised 7 children on his own — 6 Marines and an engineering student
By Dave Goldman: AFC leaves Sullivan Arena for newer Alaska Airlines Center

Driving the McCarthy Road – Should you? – AK on the GO  July 19, 2017

The McCarthy Road has a reputation for difficult conditions and a lack of services, so why would anyone drive it with kids? We did.
Driving the McCarthy Road – Should you? – AK on the GO

907 Updates July 19, 2017

Zaz Hollander: NTSB plans rare Alaska hearing as part of Togiak crash probe
By Associated Press: Gov. Walker among those calling to end repeal efforts of ‘Obamacare’
y Ashleigh Ebert: Murkowski can’t support repeal of ACA without replacement
Devin Kelly: How do you start a cemetery from scratch? Girdwood is finding out.
Christine Cunningham: Gun-safety rules apply in the photo studio too
By Laurel Downing Bill: Story Time with Aunt Phil: Founding Fairbanks
By Lauren Maxwell: Anchorage Firewise program will end
By Rebecca Palsha: A signature pledging not to sign another petition: Anchorage’s “bathroom” initiative generates controversy
By Jacqueline Policastro: The Great Alaskan Bowl Company honored at White House during ‘Made in America’ showcase
40 Years at Prudhoe Bay

As Heard on Morning Line: Alaska Women Ascend | knba

Kay Brown and Suzanne Little stopped by Morning Line to talk about a new training program called Alaska Women Ascend. Kay Brown is a political strategist,…

As Heard on Morning Line: Alaska Women Ascend | knba

907 Updates July 18, 2017

By Blake Essig: “I’m more proud of him than he’ll ever know”

Gallows humor:
By KTVA Web Staff: Hiker dies of heart attack on Flat Top
Warren White · Eagle River, Alaska
I say this from the standpoint that if I died this way and no one said “He flatlined on Flat Top.” I would be seriously disappointed.
By KTVA Web Staff: Oprah and Gayle King set sail to Alaska for O-inspired journey

By Tracy Sinclare & Ashleigh Ebert: Tsunami Advisory Expires for Aleutians and Pribilofs

Must Read Alaska July 17, 2017

Alaska News
GOOD MORNING FROM SOMEWHERE IN ALASKA, where we have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones … Where we promise to never, ever talk to Russians ever again .. .Where the bathroom wars rage in the hearts and minds of Bear Paw Festival goers in Eagle River … And where Sen. Mike Dunleavy has filed to run for governor … But first … Oh, let’s start with that Paul Bunyan of politics, Mike Dunleavy…

Gene Zerkel, aviation entrepreneur, 1926-2017 – Must Read Alaska

Gene Zerkel was an aviation pioneer in Alaska. Zerkel came to Alaska after being a wing-walker in air shows and serving in the Air Force.

Gene Zerkel, aviation entrepreneur, 1926-2017 – Must Read Alaska