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907 Updates September 19, 2016

I may be looking for excuses where there none.  I look to justify drug and alcohol abuse by a traumatic event(s) The death of an only child is an easily understandable spiral of despair and torment. How much of it is guilt whether earned such as drove drunk or not such as hit by a drunk driver.

The 12 year old that was raped while unconscious, left to die, an the rapist bragged about it at school the next day. If she spirals down slowly or takes herself out I would have empathy. Children and adults who are sexually abused, bullied, have mental issues, feel a guilt or haunted by demons.  

Apparently this young lady had a lot going for her and wanted to work in law enforcement. What choices did she have and what brought her to using heroin?

Lisa Demer:  After a young woman’s death from a heroin overdose, an Alaska village looks inward


Congratulations Tina Sena, owner of The Perfect Start coffee Cart
Soooo wouldn’t this be a great stop before beginning a road trip or heading to special occasion?

Suzanna Caldwell: These Red Bull tie-dye smoothies are a viral hit in Wasilla
WASILLA — The Perfect Start coffee cart owner Tina Sena describes her tie-dye, neon-colored Red Bull smoothies in two different ways.



$30- a month sounds like a great deal for folks!  What would you expect to see in this box?   What would you see or place in a box for where you live?
Annie Zak:  This new company wants to sell you Alaska in a box



Barbara Brown’s Our Third Thirds:
This is very short, but one of those quick jolts to the brain.

I was giving a workshop for teachers on resilience. We were looking at how we could reframe events, incidents, obstacles so we could better deal with them. One woman said she’d been frustrated over where she was in her career, but the change she wanted to make would mean going back to school for a degree.

“If I go back to school now, I won’t have my degree till I’m 55!”

Her husband: “How old will you be if you don’t go back to school?”



907 Updates September 17, 2016

Martin Sensmeier stars in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and Columbia Pictures' THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.

Martin Sensmeier stars in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and Columbia Pictures’ THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.

Martin Sensmeier, a 32-year-old actor from Yakutat, is co-starring in the major motion picture “The Magnificent Seven.”

Hunter Hauk  Q&A: Native Actor Martin Sensmeier on Starring in “The Magnificent Seven”

wiki: Martin Sensmeier


The U.S. Army Service's famed "Black Wolf Squadron" left its mark on northern history in 1920, when four biplanes passed through the Yukon and Alaska in an attempt to demonstrate the feasibility of long-distance air travel.

The U.S. Army Service’s famed “Black Wolf Squadron” left its mark on northern history in 1920, when four biplanes passed through the Yukon and Alaska in an attempt to demonstrate the feasibility of long-distance air travel.

Tricia Brown: The Black Wolf Squadron: Dawn of Airplanes over Alaska


Ned Rozell: Meet the man studying Alaska’s glaciers by living on one each summer

wiki: Retreat of glaciers since 1850



Lost by 8 votes
Nathaniel Herz: Barrow Rep. Nageak files dual legal challenges in primary loss

Alaska Divison of Elections


Tegan Hanlon, Marc Lester:  Seeking the truth and protecting the vulnerable in Anchorage’s domestic violence court

Domestic Violence Information
This booklet was designed to inform victims of their rights and services available to them, as well as promote awareness to help stop domestic violence.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, and the police responds to assist you, they are required by law to read certain portions of this “booklet” to you. An asterisk next to the heading marks this information. The other information is provided for your additional benefit.


The Alaska Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Sex Offender/Child Kidnapper Registry

Domestic Violence Alaska Legal Services Corporation


907 Updates September 16, 2016

Nathaniel Herz: Legislature completes purchase of new Anchorage office building; move is set for next month.
The Fourth Avenue building’s landlords, Mark Pfeffer and Bob Acree, have filed a $37 million damages claim, with the Legislature’s response due next month. The claim could be a precursor to a lawsuit.

What is costing so much?  Is the quality of education worth it, and what options are there to decrease the debt burden for students?
Would Community Colleges and Trade Schools be a better option for work experience and less cost, less student debt?  I am all for education.  I am against unrealistic job expectations and student debt.

Tegan Hanlon : UA prepares for another multimillion-dollar budget gap and tuition hike

wiki: Student financial aid in the United States


Sam Becker: The Simple Reason College Tuition Costs Have Exploded

Why is it the parent’s responsibility to pay for “higher education?”
Ken Clark: Understanding the Skyrocketing Costs of a College Education

The skyrocketing costs of college can lead a parent to wonder if an investment in higher education still makes sense. This is especially true when the annual cost of attending a private college can easily exceed the annual salary a graduate receives during their first few years of work.

Bottom Line
College costs are increasing faster than most of the other areas of life, and show no signs of slowing. For parents or students within a year or two of starting school, this can mean that your last year of college may cost 15-25% more than your first year. For parents or students that have a number of years until college begins, it means your savings plan needs to account for this gigantic increase in cost.

Have you participated a neighborhood or trail Watch program?  Comments on the dangers and to protect yourself and how to improve programs? Comments on the area being patrolled and probable dangers?  Adults who park their campers in parking lots for schools, churches, etc. to prevent vandalism by young kids or teens is less dangerous than patrolling a wooded, lone area for teenage (singular or groups) or adults. Plus what about moose and bears? And day versus night, especially full moon craziness.

Devin Kelly: Park killings bring renewed interest in Anchorage Trail Watch program




907 Updates September 15, 2016

Will research information on what Rep. Wilson has done to provide more funding, improve OCS work force and foster homes.
Elise Patkotak: Social workers can’t protect Alaska kids on shoestring budgets


Congratulations Maija Katak Lukin!
Yereth Rosen: Former Kotzebue mayor to head western Arctic national park units


What percentage of those in pubic office are under investigation, have been formally charged, convicted or sentenced for crimes?
Alex DeMarban:  Convicted tax evader won’t vacate Skagway assembly seat, sparking a storm

Henricksen noted Henry still faces a hearing before the Alaska Public Offices Commission on Oct. 25 over a complaint alleging he falsified financial disclosure reports for four years.

Asserting that he lied on his APOC submissions and avoided income taxes, Henricksen asked, “Have you been honest with the Municipality of Skagway?”

In February, Henry signed a plea agreement that said he did not file individual income tax returns from 2004 to 2012. Henry agreed to pay $600,064.



DEC’s Contaminated Sites Program (CSP) recently updated the memorandum that describes how CSP will make closure determinations for sites regulated under the Oil and Hazardous Substance Site Cleanup Rules, Title 18 Alaska Administrative Code 75, Article 3 and the Underground Storage Tank regulations at 18 AAC 78, Articles 2 and 6. The memorandum is available on the DEC CSP Technical Guidance website at:

Kevin Gardner
Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
Contaminated Sites Program
Desk: 907.269.7658  Cell: 907.268.9875To receive program updates, please join the Contaminated Sites Listserv:


The Galactic Life: By the Numbers/Is Life Better In Reverse?
Alisa occasionally mutters something along the lines of, “this is the best of life”, or “I’m so happy”.
The sea is blue, we are completely on our own and glad for it, and the days go so fast that it’s hard to hold onto them.
Who could argue with her?

907 Updates September 14, 2016

Yes, several people volunteered to help clean up this “hazmat” spill. Great comments!
Chris Klint: Semi overturns, dumps beer along Glenn Highway in Mat-Su


What do you think?  Is he being upfront to avoid any possibilities of conflict of interest, hypocrisy or WTF is he thinking
Devin Kelly:  Compromise reached over Anchorage assemblyman’s participation in marijuana votes
The Anchorage Assembly voted Tuesday night that Assembly member Patrick Flynn can participate in most types of votes on licenses for pot businesses — but not commercial grow operations, since he himself is an investor in one.


Want to buy a bridge? Any information on folks who have bought historic bridges and actually used them as a bridge?
Laurel Andrews:  The state of Alaska will pay you $30K to move and maintain this historic bridge
“I just really don’t understand how they would do it. It’s somebody else’s headache,” he said.
So has Williams heard of anyone interested?
“Not a one,” he said.


Does anyone have information if banishment does deter the criminal or just moves the crime to another place?
Lisa Demer: Alaska village banishes 6 over drug and alcohol suspicions

Great resource as it shows who has been banished.
Lac du Flambeau Tribal Banishments



907 Updates September 13, 2016

Wonder if the actions of the victim worth loosing his life and life’s domino chain of events for alleged shooter and his family?

Chris Klint: Suspect arrested in fatal Anchorage shooting after morning manhunt
“This (expletive) was brought to my home,” the man said. “I know I’m going to be gone — I ain’t gonna get to see my son born.”




The Alaska Online With Libraries (OWL) Program

Join us in Juneau or via OWL videoconference for a free presentation: The Alaskan Economy: Wishful Thinking Versus Economic Reality

When: Thursday, Sept. 15th, noon

Where: Andrew P. Kashevaroff Building Lecture Hall, 395 Whittier St.

What: Clive Thomas, editor of the new book, Alaska Politics and Public Policy: The dynamics of beliefs, institutions, personalities, and power, and former political science professor at UAS, will consider the various views on how Alaska’s economy can be diversified and stabilized.  He’ll touch on the development of the state’s economy, the political dimensions of the issue, and the realities of Alaska’s place in the national and world economies.  Some possible solutions to the chronic boom-bust cycle will be presented, and there will be plenty of time for questions.  With such a fascinating and timely topic, and such a witty and energetic speaker, this should not be missed!

The presentation will be available live via videoconference, so if you’re interested but not in Juneau, please check with your local library about the possibility of joining.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Freya Anderson

Head of Information Services

Alaska State Library

395 Whittier St.

Juneau, AK 99801

P: 907-465-1315 | F: 907-465-2151 |

The Information Center for Government

907 Updates September 12, 2016

Because the victim was passed out, it doesn’t count as much?  What about her getting through the attack?  How does she turn her life around?  Every knows as he bragged at school about raping an unconscious 12 year old. 
Lisa Demer: Scammon Bay teen gets 5 years for raping 12-year-old girl

“And I have to look at you. Goodness. You have no record,” McConnell said to Kaganak. “This was your first offense, and it was a very serious one.”


Banishment means they are still able and willing to commit crimes.  It just means it is difficult for them to commit crimes where they were banished from.
Lisa Demer:  Young man blamed for 3 arson deaths in Alaska village gets traditional justice: Banishment


Chris Klint: Company to challenge $560K state fines in Anchorage worker’s death
The review board hearing, in Suite 102 of the Atwood Building at 550 W. Seventh Ave., is scheduled for 9 a.m. on Oct. 5.



Does your school district have a lobbyist?
Tegan Hanlon: Should the Anchorage School Board hire a lobbyist?

wiki: Lobbyist
A person remunerated to persuade (to lobby) politicians to vote in a certain way or otherwise use their office to effect a desired result.


Suzanna Caldwell: Cordova will ban plastic bags and foam containers starting Oct. 1
James Brand, branch manager of the AC Value Center in Cordova, the city’s largest retailer, said the store is still working through its stock of regular plastic bags. Last year the store handed out 140,000 plastic bags.

He said biodegradable bags are in the process of being shipped and will likely be there in time for the ban’s implementation Oct. 1. But he said if they aren’t the store will still have paper bags.

wiki: Biodegradable bag





907 Updates September 11, 2016


In remembrance of 9/11

Veterans Crisis Line, Michael Stokes Photograpy, Unstoppable Heroes and Alaska VA Health Care


I am asking you to take a look at Michael Stokes pictures of wounded veterans showing how they are working through the physical and emotional hardships of war.
On a personal note, I have been in email contact with Mr. Stokes and have worked with him to donate copies of his books to veteran’s hospitals and similar organizations. He does respond quickly to emails.

Michael Stokes – Photographer

Raised in Berkeley, California, Michael Stokes is now a Los Angeles-based photographer. He graduated first in his class and Phi Beta Kappa with a Fine Art degree through the film department at California State University, Long Beach. Before changing his career path to filmmaking, he was a photography major, learning pre-digital photographic techniques and using darkrooms and silver gelatin film. In film school, he wrote and directed a short film, Alien, that screened in film festivals around the world.

Michael’s first coffee table book, Masculinity (2012), was a glamour-styled, photographic male figure study book that is currently out of print. In the same style as his first, his second book, Bare Strength (2014), is already in its third printing and is available on Amazon. It features a chapter on wounded veterans of war, specifically amputees. From the sales of this book, he has donated $10,000 to the Semper Fi Fund, a charity that benefits veterans of war and their families. Also in 2014, Michael collaborated with the publisher Taschen to produce My Buddy, supplying the publisher with his collection of vintage photos of nude WWII soldiers.

Michael’s third and fourth books, Exhibition and Always Loyal release November 1, 2015.  Exhibition continues the exploration and celebration of the male figure, while Always Loyal is dedicated exclusively to wounded United States veterans.  Before the end of 2015, from pre-sales of both books, Michael will donate $20,000 to the Semper Fi Fund.

Michael’s photos of wounded veterans have been shared around the world and have been featured on television: Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Tonight Show, The View, and The Talk. They have been featured in several major newspapers and online periodicals around the world, including: The Independent UK, The Mirror UK, The Drudge Report, The Huffington Post, The Huffington Post (French Edition), Cosmopolitan, People magazine, BuzzFeed, and Vanity Fair Italy, just to mention a few.

Michael’s fashion and fitness photographs have been featured on America’s Next Top Model, have twice been the cover for Men’s Health Italy, and are used for more than twenty-five novel covers. Michael has also made personal appearances on television’s The Insider and Inside Edition.

Stay connected with his most recent projects via  Facebook or Twitter.

You can find his coffee table books here.

Michael also collects vintage photography.  Published by Taschen, My Buddy features his vintage WWII photo collection of soldiers.

Need a question answered?  Email Michael, and he will get back to you as soon as is possible.

Another Group


Unstoppable Heroes
I have worked with this group for two years by donating items of need. My research and donations of “Bag Balm” provided tremendous relief especially for amputee’s.  A couple of PT organizations are now stocking it. Most importantly, they have never hounded me for money and have always thanked me for my donations.

Category & Supporters

Our Mission is to Assist, Empower and Motivate Wounded service members as they adjust to civilian life. Along with our Wounded Veteran Ambassadors throughout the country, we share the stories of these amazing Unstoppable Heroes to demonstrate that through unbelievable hardships, the spirit of these Heroes cannot be broken. Unstoppable Heroes, Inc., networks throughout the community and raises awareness by connecting these Heroes to public speaking venues so they can share their incredible stories with others. We also look for other opportunities for these heroes, in both professional and personal aspects of their lives. We build awareness and garner support for organizations that provide opportunities for these Unstoppable Heroes who have sacrificed so much for our great nation.


Alaska VA Healthcare System



Lisa Demer: Meet the doctor who splits her time between rural Alaska and Sudan to help those most in need

wiki Jill Seaman


907 Updates September 10, 2016

Is September hit and run month?
Chris Klint, Jerzy Shedlock: Colleagues remember victim of Midtown hit-and-run as a man of character


Do you think heads might roll?
Tegan Hanlon: Alaska schools will share $6.35M in funding that Walker meant to veto
The Alaska Division of Legislative Finance — the Legislature’s fiscal arm — quickly said the veto had no effect, arguing that Walker made a technical error that rendered it void: He simply eliminated a funding source in the budget bill but failed to cross out pertinent parts of the accompanying text on another page.



How is panhandling discouraged where you live?
Devin Kelly: Campaign revived to discourage giving money to Anchorage panhandlers


I hope all recover completely.
Coast Guard rescues 3 from float plane crash at Uganik Lake on Kodiak Island, Alaska
Weather near the crash was reported to be winds around 20 miles per hour and 10 miles of visibility.

Great resource: DVIDS Defense Video Imagery Distribution System

907 Updates September 9, 2016

After Frozen Budz’s approval, the board cruised through other retail licenses, approving 11 more around the state in quick succession as the day came to a close. They included: Enlighten Alaska, LLC, Arctic Herbery, Alaska Buds, LLC and Raspberry Roots, The Frost Farms, all in Anchorage; Pakalolo Supply Co. in Fairbanks; The Herbal Cache in Girdwood; Herbal Outfitters, LLC in Valdez; Rainforest Farms, LLC in Juneau; Remedy Shoppe in Skagway; and Weed Dudes in Sitka.

Laurel Andrews: Alaska’s first marijuana retail stores OK’d by state



First of all, who benefits? Does she believe in Cathy Munoz compassion for child molesters, pedophiles and other degenerate/poisonous forms of life?
What is she doing to actually, truly help children in unhealthy and unsafe situations?  What is she doing to provide funding for more workers, more training?
It’s easy to throw stones at an agency.  Especially if it is an emotionally charged, overworked group.

Lawmaker?  Make a law that benefits children and provides the necessary resources to protect them.

Nathaniel Herz: Lawmaker says Alaska child welfare agency practices ‘legal kidnapping,’ but top official disputes charge




Politics: Miller/Murkowski/Stock

Nathaniel Herz, Erica Martinson: Joe Miller to run as Libertarian in hopes of unseating US Sen. Lisa Murkowski

wiki: Miller

wiki: Lisa Ann Murkowski

Murkowski was appointed to the U.S. Senate by her father, Frank Murkowski, who resigned his seat in December 2002 to become the Governor of Alaska. She completed her father’s unexpired term which ended in January 2005. She ran for and won a full term in 2004.

She ran for a second term in 2010. She lost the Republican Party nomination to Tea Party candidate Joe Miller. She then ran as a write-in candidate and defeated both Miller and Democrat Scott McAdams in the general election,[1] making her the first senator to be elected by write-in vote since Strom Thurmond in 1954, and only the second in U.S. history.

wiki: Margaret Stock





South Anchorage Farmer’s Market
Every Saturday
May 7 – October 10

900 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

More Information
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