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907 Updates July 17, 2017

By Lauren Maxwell: Family tired of waiting for manslaughter trial to begin
By Victoria Taylor: Two ‘Ninjas’ to represent Alaska on popular NBC show
By Samantha Angaiak: Alaska Aviation Festival showcases American history
By Chris Lawrence: For Her Tern racers, mimosas and massages are just part of the reward
Author: Shady Grove Oliver, The Arctic Sounder: An Arctic vegetable farm steadily takes root and flourishes in Anaktuvuk Pass
Barbara Hood: Golden Rule? And just where does that get you?

907 Updates July 16, 2017

Second Special Session ends with a compromised version of the Oil and Gas Tax reform bill
Another source:
By Liz Raines Photojournalist: Cale Green: Legislature ends cashable oil tax credit program
By Juan Montes: Officials respond to a fatal plane crash 30 miles north of Anchorage
Author: Charles Wohlforth In our confusing medical system, this innovative approach helps patients get the right care
By KTVA Web Staff: The pipe dream lives on at Prudhoe Bay
“Trans-Alaska Pipeline: 40 Years Later” airs on Sunday, July 16 at 4:30 and 10:30 p.m. on KTVA-Channel 11.
By Patrick Enslow: Fast wins first ever Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon
By Asspciated Press: ConocoPhillips closes Kenai plant, continues buyer search
By Samantha Angaiak: 19th Annual Live Ride aims to help foster kids
Author: Jim Paulin, The Dutch Harbor Fisherman In Unalaska, it’s eagles 1, drones 0
By Ned Rozell: On a long hike in the Arctic, you learn to savor each bug-free moment

907 Updates July 15, 2017


By Dan Carpenter: Alaska soldier killed in Afghanistan arrives in Anchorage
Using this “logic” Life is a pre-existing condition, therefore murder charges do not apply.
By AP: A man will not face a murder charge after the victim was found to have a pre-existing condition
By Leroy Polk: Anchorage driver collides with police vehicle, both parties injured
One bullet or LWOP?
By Leroy Polk: Seward inmate arrested for attempting to cut the throat of fellow prisoner
One bullet or LWOP?
By Cameron Mackintosh: UPDATE: Bethel Police locate man wanted on sex assault charge
Author: Lisa Demer: With more than 150 Alaska communities excluded from jury service, can village residents get a fair trial?
How do you combat it, who do you contact about it?
By Associated Press: Newly found fungus could threaten Southeast Alaska trees
By Associated Press: 4 members of Alaska borough assembly could face recall vote
By Devin Kelly: As Anchorage’s bear problem intensifies, a solution inches closer to reality
By Daybreak Staff: Mic Check in the Morning: Wendlo

907 Updates July 14, 2017

By Cameron Mackintosh: Eagle River park temporarily closed after playground vandalism
By Cameron Mackintosh: Bethel Police searching for man wanted on sex assault charge
By Liz Raines: Special sessions have cost nearly $400,000 in per diem, lawmakers likely headed for another
By Daniella Rivera Photojournalist: Rachel McPherron: Should lawmakers be able to block constituents on Twitter?
Author: Dermot Cole Surprise. Trump administration gives Obamacare a boost in Alaska
Reality Check w/ John Tracy: Is it time to turn off water at Mile 109?
So here’s the question: should the state get rid of the pipe in the interest of safety? Or, perhaps fence it in, if not year round, then during summer months when the traffic doubles?

Girdwood residents have already weighed in. Their local advisory group, Girdwood 2020, is asking DOT to remove the pipe.

Driving this highway every day is risky enough. Does it need to be riskier by playing chicken with Alaskans in need of a very ordinary drink of water?
By Lauren Maxwell: DOC hiring new officers in light of SB91
The state is looking to hire 45 pre-trail officers as soon as possible. Department Spokeswoman Megan Edge said some of the positions have already been filled, but not all. She said the jobs pay well, averaging about $92,000 a year including salary and benefits.
By Rebecca Palsha: Want a job? The Division of Alaska State Troopers is hiring again, and again
By Dan Carpenter: Sections of Alaska Highway closed due to wildfires
By Heather Hintze: Sign pilot project tackles trailhead parking problems
Alaska State Troopers Press Release of Friday, July 14, 2017

907 Updates July 13, 2017

By Daniella Rivera Photojournalist: Jared Mazurek: Children were playing outside as bullets started flying
By Steffi Lee Photojournalist: Rachel McPherron: APD, AFD provide latest crime rates

By WASILLA, Alaska (KTUU): Police pursuit through Wasilla ends in 3-vehicle crash
Author: Charles Wohlforth Judge cites city ‘dirty tricks’ in APD discrimination case. Citizens should take notice.

Author: Rep. Adam Wool: We had a good run; now we need to pony up
By Leroy Polk: Fairbanks mother allegedly strangled to death by boyfriend
By Lauren Maxwell: U.S. Army welcomes new commander to Alaska

By Ashleigh Ebert: Iron Dog Race seeks new Executive Director
By Daybreak Staff Workforce Wednesday: Marine coating

By KTVA Web Staff: Alaska Dept. of Education and Early Development seeks feedback
Timeline and Transition: ED Established Milestones
ED has a year from the date of enactment (12.10.15) to issue final regulations. Read the final regulations, guidance, and regulatory information from ED.
Read DEED’s Comments on Proposed Regulations: Assessments (submitted 9.9.16) (pdf)
Read DEED’s Comments on Proposed Regulations: Accountability, State Plans, and Data Reporting (submitted 7.28.16) (pdf)
ESEA Flexibility Waivers end August 1, 2016.
Funds for formula programs such as Titles I-A, I-C, I-D, II-A, and III-A provided to districts for activities during the 2016-17 school year will continue to be administered in accordance with NCLB, not ESSA, based on the FY2016 Consolidated Appropriations Act passed by Congress.
Based on the accountability regulations that were finalized on November 28, 2016, the new State-designed accountability systems will take effect at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year.

Samsonite’s Trailer — Alaska Floats My Boat July 12, 2017

Long ago in a remote logging camp in Southeast Alaska the boss decided that he needed a boat trailer for one of the boom boats. Boom boats are not very long, but they are deep and heavy. The trailer would have to be stout. It would have a long tongue so that they could back the boat deep enough into the water to float the boat off off the trailer. The boss decided that Henry was up to the job.

Samsonite’s Trailer — Alaska Floats My Boat

907 Updates July 12, 2017

By Leroy Polk: Alaska correctional officer charged with distribution of child pornography
By KTVA Staff: Man convicted in Campbell Creek sexual assault
By Steffi Lee: APD investigating NE Anchorage gun fight
By Liz Raines Photojournalist: Cale Green: As crime spikes in Juneau, neighbors, police point to opioid epidemic
By Dan Carpenter: Anchorage Assembly tells state to allow onsite use of marijuana
By Lauren Maxwell: Local retailers work to keep customers in face of internet deals
Author: Tegan Hanlon: A dog perishes after a pickup truck rolls into the Kenai River
By Annie Zak: This couple has built a mini hospitality empire in Seward
By Rebecca Palsha: The sale of Mayday trees may be stopped in Anchorage

The challenges of being the only woman on a pipeline crew | Alaska Public Media

This story is part of Midnight Oil, a new podcast from Alaska’s Energy Desk.

The challenges of being the only woman on a pipeline crew | Alaska Public Media

907 Updates July 11, 2017

By Austin Baird: Here’s why two Alaska soldiers are suing the government they serve
By Ashleigh Ebert: 8-year-old becomes honorary rescue swimmer
By Cameron Mackintosh: Pursuit in Wasilla ends when suspect vehicle launches over embankment, bursts into flames
By Chris Klint: Anchorage Jail inmate stabbed in the eyes by his cellmate, charges say
By Dan Carpenter: Assembly will consider signing resolution supporting onsite consumption of marijuana
By Austin Baird: President’s election fraud commission stalls request for data on Alaska voters
By Mike Ross: Safety improvements planned near water pipe along Seward Hwy
By PR Rocket: Author Thomas Anderson’s New Book “Shemya” is a Mostly True Account of a One-year Tour of Duty on a Remote Outpost at the End of the Aleutian Island Chain of Alaska

Must Read Alaska July 10, 2017

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