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Beware The Cosmic Light Bulb August 19, 2016

There’s a fine balance between working to define ourselves without our old roles and thinking too much about ourselves. A fine line between autonomy and pushiness. If life is a constant story of error, correction, and resolution to do better, I guess there’s more of the same in my Third Third. Yup.


Our Third Thirds Beware the Cosmic Light Bulb


South Anchorage Farmers Market – Saturday

9 am – 2 pm

@ Subway/Cellular One Sports Centre

(the corner of Old Seward and O’Malley)

South Anchorage Farmers Market – Saturday

Angela Gonzalez, Athabascan Woman Blog: Self-inflicted wounds

Here is my #‎SSSVEDA video today where I’m focusing self-inflicted wounds – the mistakes you make and how you learn from them.

#SSSVEDA stands for Savvy Sexy Social Vlog Every Day in August. It is a challenge to make a video every day for a month. I want to learn the ropes to using a camera to make a connection with you!

I’m focusing self-inflicted wounds – the mistakes you make and how you learn from them.

Angela Gonzalez, Athabascan Woman Blog


Self-Inflicted Wounds: Heartwarming Tales of Epic Humiliation by Aisha Tyler



Qatar’s $25,000 Grant to Alaska’s Domestic Violence Shelter Improvements Program

Difference between a Donation and a Grant

The Grant is from the people, not his Excellency, and what strings are attached?

Courtesy of The Rasmuson Organization:

His Excellency Mohammed Jaham Al Kuwari, Qatar’s Ambassador to the United States, today announced a $25,000 grant from the people of Qatar to the Domestic Violence Shelter Improvements Program administered by the Alaska Community Foundation.

From the people, not his Excellency and what strings are attached?

His Excellency Mohammed Jaham Al Kuwari DV Grant of $25,000-

Pilot Incompetence August 18, 2016

Pilot in command had his head up and locked.

Fortunately none was serious injured.  The pilot had time and multiple opportunities to prevent the deliberate crash.  He had plenty of time to stop the aircraft before it hit the bank.


Done rapidly or urgently and involving a concentrated effort.
“a crash course in Italian”

An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.

An unexpected and usually unpleasant thing that happens.


Author: Chris Klint NTSB: Floatplane crashed into shore on takeoff south of Iliamna

Alaska Elections August 18, 2016

Have you worked or volunteered in the election process?

Our Third Thirds What it’s like to work a polling place for a 15% turnout election:

Best excuses for losing an election?

Seven incumbents out of Legislature after low-turnout primary


Images August 18, 2016

Paul took this from our driveway on August 16, 2016.

Paul took this from our driveway on August 16, 2016.





Banking & Pot August 17, 2016

Can the I.R.S. resolve these banking issues?

Comments on banks closing out personal accounts because they are scared?

What is going to happen when Pot & Hemp are legalized?

Will there be a new bank just for business, will they allow business and personal accounts?

Brings new meaning to the term: “All my money in one pot”~


Alaska has yet to see a legal pot sale. But some banks are already shutting down accounts.

AWAIC Paint Nite

Wednesday, August 31 7:00PM

Hard Rock Cafe 415 E. Street Anchorage, AK

Event details:
Raise your glass to a NEW kind of night out! Paint Nite® invites you to create your own unique piece of art, guided by a professional artist and party host. You’ll spend two hours painting, laughing, and flexing your creative muscles. There’s no experience necessary and we’ll provide all the supplies, so you don’t have to worry about a thing (except having a great time!).

Since 1977, AWAIC has been providing domestic violence safe shelter, intervention, and resources to women, men, and children in the Anchorage community. We are committed to providing support to victims of domestic violence, their friends, family, and the community as a whole. AWAIC is the largest domestic violence emergency shelter in Alaska, providing a full continuum of services for victims and those who care about them.

A foundation of empowerment is key to help all those affected by domestic violence, allowing them to make positive decisions in their lives. We believe that everyone has the right to live in a fear-free environment and we work toward eliminating domestic violence.

The event begins promptly at the start time listed above. Please allow extra time to find parking and get settled. If you’re coming with a group, make sure you arrive early to get seats together. We look forward to seeing you there!

AWAIC Paint Nite




Nature’s Play Lists

If you are not part of, or actually creating the sound how does that affect your thought process and emotional balance?

How do sounds affect your life? In traffic, the bass that is loud enough to shake your vehicle causes me to wonder about hearing loss. The struggles for sound supremacy between stereos and engine noise, especially throttle blipping could be a battle cry of road rage.

Outdoor recreation areas you still fee safe to visit, what sounds are now common? For example, we used to go the Goose Bay Airstrip because it afforded a great view across the inlet.

Last, and for me, the final time we were there these bands were playing: Fifth wheel campers in the middle, people shooting various firearms at one end of the runway and the other end had a helicopter practicing long lining.

What sounds of nature would your playlist contain?

Loren Holmes: The man who collects sounds