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Pebble rising? – Craig Medred

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Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman: Daily Update

By Mike Bradner and Tim Bradner The PF and The D: A history of how we got here

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One Alaska Update: Keeping Up with Gov. Bill Walker

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907 Updates October 09, 2017

By Sean Maguire: Star the reindeer passes away at 15
Summons were issued~ Punishment?
By Sean Maguire: 13-year-old boy stopped for driving a car near Ketchikan
By Victoria Taylor: Tires slashed and needles found at downtown church, “Love is under the surface still,” says Pastor
By Daniella Rivera: DOC Commissioner looks for alternatives to halfway houses
By KTVA Web Staff: Northway takes a stand against meth

Sitka Nature: Heavy Clouds and Showers

Last night I woke up a couple of different times to the sound of heavy rain showers. I think they were mostly short-lived, but they were quite loud. I spent most of the day inside getting some work…

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Twice In A Lifetime: Hot Link

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907 Updates October 08, 2017

By Cameron Mackintosh: Assembly holds public testimony for proposed resolutions against SB91
House minority leader Rep. Charisse Millett (R-Anchorage) was one of three state legislators to attend Saturday’s public hearing. She was also one of the lawmakers who voted against SB91 last year.

“We put the cart before the horse with SB91,” Millett told Channel 2. “We should have front-end loaded rehabilitation and mental illness safety nets. We should have had those in place before we did anything about decriminalizing any crimes or lessening penalties for criminals because if you don’t have the safety net, how are you going to expect change?”

The Assembly is scheduled to vote on the two resolutions at its regular Tuesday meeting.


By Patrick Moussignac: Anchorage Assembly hears out more SB 91 concerns
Downtown Anchorage resident Cesar Martison used his time at the podium to decry SB 91’s effects on the community.

“We have got to protect victims,” Martison said. “We have got to protect public safety and Senate Bill 91 has created an environment where crime is thriving, and it is putting people’s lives and people’s property in jeopardy.”

SB 91 might see a few changes in the upcoming weeks, as the Legislature convenes to discuss the bill in its fourth special session this year. State representatives Charisse Millett and Geran Tarr also attended Saturday’s work session to hear the testimony.

The new Assembly resolutions will be introduced at the next Assembly meeting scheduled for Tuesday. The public will get another chance to speak on them on Oct. 24.

By Chris Klint: Ketchikan man arrested after confessing to dockside murder

By Chris Klint: Stove thief floods Willow home with heating oil
Native Corporations comments on helping their people?
By Associated Press: Bethel homeless shelter searches for new home before winter
By Victoria Taylor: Bras with flare bring awareness to breast cancer in creative display
The library plans to hold other Breast Cancer Awareness events this month, including a documentary film on October 26th.

Authors breakfast puts fans in touch with writers and their inspiration

Alaska Health Fair October Update

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Sitka Nature: Fall Weather

It wasn’t full on fall storm, but at various points during the day, the rain fell hard and it was quite blustery. Temperatures are still holding in the 50s, but I suspect that will end soon. …

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What Do I Know?: An Introduction To Anchorage’s Cannabis Market Place – Great Northern Cannabis

Great Alaskan Cannabis, Enlightenment, Alaska Fireweed,

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