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907 Updates October 23-24, 2016

Did you participate?
Devin Kelly: Anchorage’s mayor asked residents for ideas. Here’s what people suggested.  
Idea for Anchorage Weblink

Chicken Coops an attractive nuisance?
Zaz Hollander:  Brown bear with 2 cubs killed near Seward after raiding chicken coops


Jerzy Shedlock: Short on staff, Anchorage police records division falls behind on report requests


Outlaw booze & knives?
Michelle Theriault Boots: Murder charges: Selawik man stabbed his uncle 20 times with butcher knife


Congratulations Bang-On Roulet!
Video: Halloween pumpkin carving tips from Anchorage master food sculptor


Favorite Food Truck? Have you ever worked a food truck?
Suzanna Caldwell:  Anchorage food trucks get ready to face one of their biggest challenges: Winter


Bob Hallinen: Halloween-themed pistol party offers live-fire training for the zombie apocalypse


Hope Miller: ‘Mountain Men’ calendar shows the quirky, sensitive sides of Alaska men


Tegan Hanlon:  From Hmong to Sinhalese, over 100 languages are represented in Anchorage schools



907 Updates October 22, 2016

Alaska Dispatch News Photos: First real snow of the season in many Alaska cities


Why not do a better job of protecting the chickens?  Wooop! Woop! Solution that costs them money.
Zaz Hollander:  Seward chicken owners plagued by ‘rogue’ bears want state to take them out


Miscarriage, also known as spontaneous abortion and pregnancy loss, is the natural death of an embryo or fetus before it is able to survive independently.
I believe that money could have been better spent on children who need it. Maybe donate items to a shelter or foster kids, orphanage, traumatized children, etc.   Against Abortion? Do not have one.
Nathaniel Herz: Alaska to pay $1 million in legal fees after losing abortion-related lawsuit



907 Updates October 20-21, 2016

How much is the “upper management” D-head being paid?  How do you financially compensate the disabled man?  If you, as an employer, have the opportunity to hire a disabled person or an ex-con, what are your determining factors? I believe employers can be compensated for hiring criminals and disabled persons.
Chris Klint: Federal agency sues Salvation Army over rejection of disabled applicant for Wasilla store


Smart move financially and sense of community: How about asking UAF & UAA, with professional oversite, to create these projects?  Plus have students, apprentices do a majority of the physical labor.  It could count towards credit & work hours.
Devin Kelly: Advocates for Anchorage’s bike trail system envision extensive new links


Stereotyping using pictures of trailer parks, lower income range apartment buildings?
 On ’roundup day,’ Anchorage police seek suspects in domestic violence cases
Tegan Hanlon: Officers looked for the people wanted on outstanding warrants for charges including assault, theft and criminal mischief.


Pot train?  “Smoking cars?” How many pudding cups and bags of doritos will a rxr car hold? Train robberies make a comeback big time?
Alex DeMarban: Alaska Railroad sees hope in marijuana industry and elsewhere as profits drop


Chris Klint:  Snow season arrives in Southcentral Alaska, and drivers are sliding


Erik Hill:  Opera flash mob delights Clark Middle School students


Rick Sinnott: Junk car graveyard on Kincaid Park bluff gets helicopter-assisted cleanup



907 Updates October 19, 2016

Dad should be fired. Son should serve a lengthy prison sentence.
2 INVESTIGATES: Legislative staffer sought to change law during son’s sexual abuse of a minor case






Office of Veterns Affairs  
Fri, October 21, 8:30am – 4:00pm
North Terminal, Anchorage, AK 99502, USA (map)
Contact Toni Morse
Stand Down, Inc.
PO Box 92135
Anchorage, AK 99509
Phone: 907-677-9833 (work)
Fax: 907-677-9803

Jeff Arnold
Stand Down Chair
PH: 907.428.6350
FAX: 907.428.6972



Author: Laurel Andrews  Anchorage elementary school apologizes after anti-marijuana message goes out to parents


By Craig Medred True Fish War

Deckboss: Alaska commercial fishing news and notes


Author Chris Bieri:  Women of the World unites cultures through song


JAN. 26 – 29 2017 MAIL RUN 25th ANNUAL


Skinny Raven
November 1, 2016
Raven Run Club Winter Program
(907) 274-7222
Why wait until the new year to get into shape? Hold yourself accountable through the winter months! This is an all level group. Tuesday’s workouts will focus on speed, Thursday will incorporate a tempo run and Saturdays will be a long run. This group is a great way to stay in shape through the winter months.

Get yourself ready for a strong spring training schedule and tackle all of your summer racing goals without the injuries that come from winter running hibernation. A Raven Run Club tech shirt and a 4 month membership to The Alaska Dome are included in your registration!

Questions? Contact Hallidie Wilt at
*Registration fees are non-refundable. Fees can be deferred to any other Raven Run Club prior to the start day.*


After you run~


Spenard, AK
Quickie Burger
1087 West 27th Ave.
Black food truck
Open Mon-Sat 11am-7pm
Great news everyone
1. Quickie burger will stay open for November. Maybe the entire winter
2. Indoor dining area will open next week
3. We are closing for one day on Monday the 24th to winterize the truck. See you all starting Tuesday




907 Updates October 18, 2016

Congratulations Marjorie Tahbone!
Lisa Demer: An ‘elder in training’ teaches an attentive crowd at the Elders and Youth Conference how to butcher a seal


Congratulations Joan Inga Barnowsky!
Lisa Demer:  Young girl takes the stage to urge Native values of taking care of land, each other


Congratulations Staff Sgt. Andrew McNamara!
Beth Bragg: JBER airman brings home world skeet shooting championship


Alex DeMarban:  New Anchorage LIO a step down, but remodel planned over time



907 Updates October 17, 2016

Anyone with information about the shooting is to call the Fairbanks Police Department at 907-459-6800.
Author’s Ben Anderson, Michelle Theriault Boots:  Fairbanks police officer seriously injured in shooting; suspect at large

Dash-cam video: Fairbanks police officer injured in shooting


Author Mike Dunham: What became of the places where Alaskans were held captive in WWII? A historian traveled to Japan to find out.


Where was the dog, is there any back story to this?
Author: Michelle Theriault Boots  Big Lake man arrested, charged with shooting neighbor’s dog


Author: Lisa Demer  The AFN convention gets underway in Fairbanks this week. Why it’s a must for candidates running for statewide office.


Author: Mike Dunham  After 70-year-old records come to light, technology lets voices of Attu be heard again


Author: Geoff Kirsch  Nothing makes you appreciate living here like leaving here



907 Updates October 15, 2016

Zaz Hollander, Yereth Rosen:  Uncontrolled wildfire burning near Sutton


Chris Klint: Cold-case DNA match sends Alaska kidnapping, rape suspect to Nevada


Chris Klint: Marshals in Texas arrest teen accused of shooting woman in Russian Jack


Ned Rozell: Ghost towns scattered across Alaska map

wiki Category: Ghost towns in Alaska


907 Updates October 14, 2016

Devin Kelly: City says Northern Lights Inn violates Anchorage’s derelict building laws


Lisa Demer:  Woman who left Alaska while under investigation now accused in Massachusetts killing of 95-year-old


Cost  =  Pressure
Laurel Andrews: Citing consumer pressures, Premera holds on to pre-‘Obamacare’ plans


Shady Grove Oliver, The Arctic Sounder: Barrow voters support name change to ‘Utqiagvik’


Separation of Church and State~  Political parties according to religious affiliation?
Annie Zak: New rules restrict who can give invocations before Kenai Borough Assembly meetings



907 Updates October 13, 2016

Nathaniel Herz: Westlake declared winner as Alaska Supreme Court reverses lower court in Northern Alaska legislative election


Nathaniel Herz: Senate candidates square off in Kodiak at lively debate


wiki: Cold Bay, AK
Chris Klint, Jerzy Shedlock:  American Airlines jet flying from Shanghai to Chicago makes unexpected landing in Cold Bay


What are the cost recovery  charges for 911 calls where you live?  Is it considered  a standard fee such as municipal taxes for street maintenance, etc.?
Devin Kelly: Berkowitz administration proposes to charge more on Anchorage telephone bills to pay for 911 system

Understanding Your Telephone Bill
911, LNP, and TRS charges
911 – To help local governments pay for emergency services such as fire and rescue.

Seventh Annual Report to Congress on State Collection and Distribution of 911 and Enhanced 911 Fees and Charges



907 Updates October 12, 2016

Jerzy Shedlock: Jurors rule in favor of city, police department following 2nd trial over man shot by Anchorage police


Nathaniel Herz: Here’s how Alaska legislative candidates are raising and spending their money with a month to go before Election Day


Devin Kelly:  City-owned utility rates slated to rise in Anchorage, with hefty spike coming for ML&P



Author: Kathleen Macknicki  Reading the north: Klondike gold and ‘Women in the Locker Room’