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FYI December 4, 2016


Last Call: Dad Joke Edition Teaching daughter how to drive.


Molly Taylor & co-driver Bill Hayes
Joel Strickland Australia Crowns first Female Rally Champion



In The Kitchen With Matt Bacon and Cheese Mashed Potato Balls



audreyobscura  How to Make Bread From Scratch


VladI4  Cheap DIY Ambientlight using Arduino


ClenseYourPallet Hardwood Rug


MakrToolbox Dewalt Power Bank



How do you keep your electronic devices cool?  iPad quickly overheats when the sun shines on it, maybe “Foster Grant” sunglasses for the screen?~~
Stish  DIY Notebook Stand/Cooler




Sad. The folks that complained should be on Santa’s naughty (totally disgusted) list.
Lauren Evans: Paper Forced to Close Comments On Mall Of America’s First Black Santa Thanks to Racism
Larry Jefferson is a retired U.S. Army veteran from Texas, and his hope, along with the mall’s, was that he would serve as a “Santa for everyone.”



Something nice to counteract the Santa story.



Lt. Nick Grimmer and his new kitten, Tigger.

Alanis King: Kitten Survives 300 Miles Inside Car Bumper, Becomes Cover Of Royal Navy Calendar



FYI December 3, 2016



Aimée Lutkin: First Man Convicted Under Oregon’s Revenge Porn Law Asks If Reporter Finds Porn Stars ‘Creepy’



Emma Baccellieri: Father Of High School Football Player Arrested For Sexual Assault: It Was Consensual, Lots Of Girls Want My Son



Andrew P Collins: It’s Not Really Camping If Your Land Rover Turns Into A Skyscraper



FYI December 2, 2016






Casey Chan: Watch Chernobyl’s Huge Radiation Shield Slide in and Enclose the Damaged Nuclear Reactor


Matt Novak: Over a Dozen FBI Agents Hospitalized After Million Dollar Sculpture Makes Them Sick


I have not read the book. Nor any desire or plans to.
Kelly Faircloth: Big Plans Are Afoot for Harper Lee-Based Tourism in Her Hometown


Samuel Anderson: Pedro Almodóvar Stans for Female Short-Story Authors, Just Like You

Lucia Berlin
Berlin was born in Juneau, Alaska, and spent her childhood on the move, following her father’s career as a mining engineer. The family lived in mining camps in Idaho, Montana and Arizona, and Chile, where Lucia spent most of her youth. As an adult, she lived in New Mexico, Mexico, north and south California and Colorado.



FYI December 1, 2016


If you create an app with Google App Maker, please let me know what you think of it.

Google App Maker


David Nield: How to See Everything Your Browser Knows About You


The below link is only for information on various methods of activism, sharing news, etc. Use the ideas on the links to fight battles that are important to you.  Sexually abused children, domestic violence, veterans needing help, etc.

Activism is like exercising: Start with easy activities and work toward more. Here’s where to start.

Videos December 1, 2016

The Italian and Password





FYI November 30, 2016



Kristen Lee: New Yorker Casually Walks Off With $1.6 Million In Gold Out Of An Armored Truck


Vasectomies could be part of the answer
Aimée Lutkin: The ACLU Has Filed Lawsuits In Three States to Protect Abortion Rights


Vasectomies could help prevent the need for most abortions
Anna Merlan: Anti-Abortion Activist Convicted of Trying to Bomb Clinic Objects to Doctor Calling Movement ‘Violent’

FYI November 29, 2016

Electronic Greetings Day!

The Electric Postcard was created by Judith Donath

Judith Donath Home Page


Laura Kane: Prominent writers sign letter demanding probe of UBC firing of Steven Galloway


Casey Chan: So How Close Do You Live to a Nuclear Bomb?


Kristen Lee: The Barnacle Is The Car Blindfold Cops Will Slap On Your Windshield When You Park Badly



Beth Skwarecki: When Charities Get Donations Because I Clicked, Where Do They Get the Money?


Hear the Brilliant Guitar Work of Charlie Christian, Inventor of the Electric Guitar Solo (1939)



KitchenMason: How to Make 4 Ingredient Rolo Caramel Fudge

FYI November 28, 2016


Andrew Liszewski: Watch a Helicopter Pilot Nail a Ship Landing in a Ridiculous Storm




Andrew Liszewski: This Machine Weaves Chain Link Fences Like It’s Knitting a Sweater


Christina Warren: How to Stop iCloud Calendar Spam


Shannon Lee My Dad Was Bruce Lee


Finding Podcasts May Get Easier With This Public Radio Vet’s New App

FYI November 27, 2016




Det. Ron Harris on Barney Miller
Beth Elderkin: Firefly’s Shepherd, Ron Glass, Dies at 71


Ms. Henderson with Noël Coward at the piano in a rehearsal photo of “The Girl Who Came to Supper.” Jose Ferrer is center left, with Herman Levin, a producer. Credit Associated Press

Florence Agnes Henderson (February 14, 1934 – November 24, 2016)

Florence Henderson



Rhett Jones: Researchers Dig Into Boston’s Mysterious ‘Tsunami of Molasses’



Thorin Klosowski: Photo Scanning Showdown: PhotoScan vs Photomyne


17 truths about dating in 2016 that will make you laugh and kind of cry

Alohababe:  all men are jerks and I hate them…..oh wait he just texted back, false alarm

McMannofthepeople: I Don’t Have A Single Thing To Wear The Goes With This Ankle Monitor




FYI November 26, 2016



Support or Create one!



Glenn Garvin, Miami Herald: Fidel Castro is dead at 90


How Xerox Invented the Copier and Artists Pushed It To Its Limits
Ernie Smith: The Xerox machine was a piece of technology that seemed to come out of nowhere


An Alarm Designer on How to Annoy People in the Most Effective Ways
Ella Morton: There’s an art and science to making one sound seem more urgent than another.


World Records of Casey, Illinois


Claire Lower: Replace Butter With Cream Cheese for Softer, Fluffier Cookies



Buck 802: Simply Sinful Smoked Cheddar


AvjonesV: Greek Style Cheese Pies