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FYI October 13, 2016

By:  Ron Charles, Geoff Edgers and Brian Murphy‘Poetry for the ear’: Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize in literature


Maddie Stone: Try Not to Cry While Watching Earth Rise From the Moon in HD


Andrew Liszewski: Your Eyes Can’t Unsee Sulfuric Acid Poured on Toilet Paper

Andrew Liszewski: This NES Controller Notebook Is the Perfect Place to Jot Down Cheat Codes




FYI October 12, 2016



Airport wifi passwords map


Harry McCracken: Shyp Goes Nationwide By Letting You Comparison-Shop Shipping Services


Tootsie at Snow's BBQ in July 2016. Photograph by Wyatt McSpadden

Tootsie at Snow’s BBQ in July 2016.
Photograph by Wyatt McSpadden

By Daniel Vaughn:  Snow’s Queen
On Saturdays Tootsie Tomanetz cooks barbecue the old-fashioned way for legions of loyal fans. That doesn’t mean she’ll ever give up her day job.




Andrew Liszewski: This Guy Does Impossible Things on a Mountain Bike




Auto body shops must love this car wash in the winter  ca-ching ca-ching
Jason Torchinsky: This May Be The Saddest, Stupidest Exit From A Carwash Wreck Ever




Hudson Hongo: Explosion-Proof 93-Year-Old Bridge Refuses to Die


FYI October 11, 2016

NSFW, Possibly Offensive
Transcript: State of Georgia Vs. Rick Allen


Matt Novak: How One Outrageous Law Turned the Samsung Phone Recall Into a Disaster


Steel Wool Emergency Fire Starter by lonesoulsurfer



Black Magic Hidden Pumpkin Bread by Tye Rannosaurus



Christopher Jobson – Stranger Wine: Hand-Blown Glass Wine Decanters by Etienne Meneau Mimic Blood Veins and Root Systems



FYI October 9 – 10, 2016

I believe Kaepernick’s all about himself
Barry Petchesky: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Says Some Dumb Shit About Colin Kaepernick


Gizmodo’s Matt Novak:How to Register to Vote Online, State by State


Gizmodo’s Casey Chan: 10 of the Most Emotional Movie Scenes of All Time

Gizmodo’s Casey Chan: Blowing Up Fruits and Vegetables in Slow Motion Is Good Clean Fun


Jalopnik’s Raphael Orlove: Watch This Japanese Drifter Blow Your Mind



Kristen Lee: BMW i8 Road Rage Goes Down Exactly How You Think It Would


Does the price include a garage?  I have owned vehicles with massaging seats. It was part of the bad shocks, bad roads and bad seats package~
Truck Yeah’s Michael Roselli: This Expensive Option On The 2016 Ford F-150 Is Actually Super Neat


FYI October 8, 2016

Thank Goodness!

Lauren Evans: Manson Family Murderer Leslie Van Houten Is Definitely Not Getting Out Of Prison Anytime Soon



Use A Potato To Keep Your Room Lit For Over A Month


Terry Rowland

Terry Rowland

I would like to introduce my latest creation completed(except sewing the binding on the back) I could not wait to show you. This was pieced and quilted by Terry Rowland Sept 2016 It was made using a pattern by Violet Craft called Elephant Abstractions. I have custom quilted it. I hope you like looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks for looking and have a great day. This elephant was made using Violet Crafts Pattern called Elephant Abstractions



FYI October 7, 2016

RED Friday

F-16 pilot Maj. Troy Gilbert

F-16 pilot Maj. Troy Gilbert

Remains of fighter pilot hero return home after 10 years
By Mike Martin, Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs
WASHINGTON (AFNS) — This week, nearly 10 years after he was killed in combat operations in Iraq, U.S. forces brought home the remains of F-16 pilot Maj. Troy Gilbert, who died saving the lives of U.S. service members and coalition allies.


Jane Doyle is honored as ” Veteran of the Game” on Oct 1, 2016 at the UM-Wisconsin game


General Lori Robinson

General Lori Robinson

General Lori Robinson
By Tom Roeder: How America’s Highest Ranking Woman In Uniform Defied The Odds



Earl Granville
Two weeks ago, my former army unit, the 28th Infantry Division, had their annual 28 mile ruck called March for the Fallen; which honors those who have passed away serving with the Iron Division Warriors….this was their fifth time holding the event. Unfortunately, I had other obligations and I couldn’t attend this time.

Back in 2013 when my life was very different than it is now, MFTF fell on April 28th which would of been the birthday of my buddy, SPC Derek Holland (just watch the video below).
ABC27 of Harrisburg came out and interviewed myself and Derek’s mother, Kathy.
Besides this year, every year my teammates in OEW now come out and support the event. The hospitality from the PA Guard in having Operation Enduring Warrior is beyond words.
Looking forward to next year, OEW and Keystone soldiers. Honored to still be apart of this units rich history.
And thank you Megan Healey for sending this link.
SPC Derek Holland
Published on May 30, 2013
At the annual “March for the Fallen” at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania National Guard soldiers walk/run in full uniform and 35-pound rucksacks for a grueling 28 miles in honor of members of the 28th Infantry Division who have died in action since September 11, 2001.
At the annual “March for the Fallen” at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania National Guard soldiers walk/run in full uniform and 35-pound rucksacks for a grueling 28 miles in honor of members of the 28th Infantry Division who have died in action since September 11, 2001.




Chris and Taya Kyle
Sometimes the hardest thing to do is wade through the suffering. My experience has been in marriage and independently, you walk slowly through the pain being careful not to make things worse, and brave enough to humble yourself to make it better. As humans, we don’t have all of the answers but we generally have a gut feeling on what can make things better and what can make them worse. Being vulnerable isn’t easy. But if we can be humble, vulnerable, and acknowledge our own imperfections, we can see more clearly and certainly survive. When we come out the other side, we see how God will keep his promise to bring beauty through ashes. For every hurt, there is an opportunity for strength.


FYI October 6, 2016

New Product
Dr. Bronner’s Arnica-Menthol Organic Magic Balm $9.99



by TheHomeschoolHouse  Make Your Own Organic Plant Fertilizer for FREE



by GopiK34 Floating Ghost, Low Cost Easy to Make



by Neremah Fake burned skin



by wold630 Creepy Chocolate Chip Cookies