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Rental Cars September 4, 2016

What happens when you rent a connected car? When you use the car’s infotainment system, it may store personal information. It may keep locations you entered in GPS or visited when travelling in the rental car – like where you work or live.

If you connect a mobile device, the car may also keep your mobile phone number, call and message logs, or even contacts and text messages. Unless you delete that data before you return the car, other people may view it, including future renters and rental car employees or even hackers.


Alanis King: You Probably Shouldn’t Connect Your Smartphone To A Rental Car

Carly Philips September 4, 2016

Happy Rabbit Trails to You~

A wealth of information can be found in Cary Philips’ Daily Newsletter. Examples below:


Barry Eisler How To Be At War Forever



Sydney Jarrard The Furry Faces of Bookselling: Bookstore Pets


Help a worthy cause spread the word.
justcoz is an online relay system that lets you donate a tweet a day to help raise awareness for causes that matter to you.



The Carly Phillips Daily –

Cold Brew September 4, 2016

Does the phrase “Cold Brew”  bring to mind a six pack?


In a less enlightened era, iced coffee was made with leftover hot-brewed coffee that had been sitting out too long. The first specialty cold-brewing apparatus, called the Toddy, hit the scene in 1964. Until the 2000s, it was a pretty niche thing.

Maura Judkis: Whatever happened to plain iced coffee? Cold-brew.

Cold brew, or cold water extract, refers to the process of steeping coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water for an extended period. Cold brew coffee is not to be confused with iced coffee, which generally refers to coffee that is brewed hot and then chilled by pouring over or adding ice, though iced coffee can refer to cold brew coffee served on ice.

Cold Brew


I use the Toddy System to make coffee concentrate.

My complaint is Toddy’s plastic “brew/drip”degrades over time.  I know, call the Waaambulance~

I bought Ovalware’s RJ3 Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker as a Toddy back-up. Will let you know what I think of it.

International Bacon Day or Bacon Day September 3, 2016



International Bacon Day or Bacon Day


Presto Bacon Cookers!  Fantastic means to cook bacon. No worries about grease burns or cleaning fry pans. Easy to clean and easy to pour the grease into a jar or whatever you use.  I had to find some other means of cooking as Ming likes to be on my shoulder supervising and I was terrified he would be hurt .  (Now Paul cooks the bacon~)



Amazon Presto Bacon Cookers


FYI On This Day September 3, 2016

Frederick Douglass Successfully Escapes

On September 3, 1838, Douglass successfully escaped by boarding a Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad train (the line was newly merged) to the great Northern cities. He jumped aboard the train a short distance east of the previous temporary P.W.& B. train depot in the just-developed industrial, commercial and residential neighborhood, between the modern neighborhoods of Harbor East and Little Italy, at President and Fleet Streets, east of “The Basin” of the Baltimore harbor on the Northwest Branch of the Patapsco River. (This depot was replaced by the historic President Street Station, constructed 1849-1850; it was noted as a site of other slave escapes along one of many routes of the famous “Underground Railroad” and during the Civil War.)

Frederick Douglass (born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, c. February 1818[3] – February 20, 1895)


The Battle of Ash Hollow, also known as the Battle of Blue Water Creek or the Harney Massacre,[1] was an engagement of the First Sioux War, fought on September 2 and 3, 1855 between United States Army soldiers under Brigadier General William S. Harney and a band of the Brulé Lakota along the Platte River in present-day Garden County, Nebraska. The town of Lewellen, Nebraska was developed here in the 20th century as a railroad stop.

The battle, which the American force won while killing Brulé women and children as well as warriors, was a punitive expedition for the so-called “Grattan Massacre” in August 1854 and for raids by Lakota in its wake.

1855 – American Indian Wars: In Nebraska, 700 soldiers under United States General William S. Harney avenge the Grattan massacre by attacking a Sioux village and killing 100 men, women and children.


Birth of the founder of the Porsche Car Company and Nazi Party Member

Ferdinand Porsche was an automotive engineer and founder of the Porsche car company. He is best known for creating the first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle (Lohner-Porsche), the Volkswagen Beetle, the Mercedes-Benz SS/SSK, several other important developments and Porsche automobiles. In addition, Porsche designed the 1923 Benz Tropfenwagen, which was the first racing car with a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout.

Porsche was an important contributor to the German war effort during World War II. He was involved in the production of advanced tanks such as the VK 4501 (P), Tiger I, Tiger II, Elefant, and Panzer VIII Maus, as well as other weapon systems, including the V-1 flying bomb.[4] Porsche was a member of the German Nazi party and allegedly the SS (see below). He was a recipient of the German National Prize for Art and Science, the SS-Ehrenring and the War Merit Cross. He was called the Great German Engineer by Nazi propaganda.[5][6]

Ferdinand Porsche (3 September 1875 – 30 January 1951)


Birth of American U.S. Army Ranger and Photographer Philip “Snapdragon” Stern

Philip “Snapdragon” Stern was an American photographer noted for his iconic portraits of Hollywood stars, as well as his war photography while serving as a U.S. Army Ranger in the “Darby’s Rangers” unit in the North African and Italian campaigns during World War II. Settling in Los Angeles after the war, Stern was staff photographer for LOOK magazine. He was present on numerous film productions as still photographer, and in that capacity took photographs of a huge cross-section of the film community.[1] Stern’s images of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean have become widely recognized icons.[2][3]Stern, a lifelong smoker died at the age of 95 in Los Angeles from COPD and congestive heart failure which he had been battling for over three and a half decades.[4]

Philip “Snapdragon” Stern (September 3, 1919 – December 13, 2014)

What Do I Know? Colin Kaepernick and ‘Political Correctness’ September 3, 2016

At its simplest, ‘political correctness’ today means to conservatives ‘when liberals tell us what we can’t say or do.”

Simple may be easy, but it glosses over a much more complicated set of realities that underly the idea of political correctness.

Colin Kaepernick and ‘Political Correctness’ Conservative Style – Part 1

907 Updates September 3, 2016

Danae Dawneall Kish  Using Priorities and Conscience as her formula, the end result is now hit and run driving. The comments in the below article are a sad, but true statement of Anchorage’s judicial system.

kish, danae

Chris Klint  Prosecutors: Driver charged in hit-and-run that hurt pedestrian was ‘concerned with the damage to her car’



Alaska Business Monthly Michelle Anderson and Ahtna Focusing in On Alaska


Anchorage Loussac Library Youth Events September 2016


Recognize any of the original artists mentioned?
This year the New York Academy of Medicine invited museums and libraries to share images from their collections as coloring sheets for kids and adults. Hundreds of libraries and museums around the world started participating, sharing images, and creating printable coloring pages. We will link to some of our favorites on the right. Below are images we found in the Alaska collection to share. (Printable PDFs on the right.) Please share your images online and tag @anchlibrary and use hashtag #colorourcollections!

Clicking on an image will link you to a full size jpg.

Anchorage Loussac Library Color Our Collections


Sharon Christa McAuliffe (September 2, 1948 – January 28, 1986)

Sharon Christa McAuliffe was an American teacher from Concord, New Hampshire, and was one of the seven crew members killed in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

Recipes September 2, 2016



Aviation Issues September 2, 2016

Aviation in Alaska has one of the highest rates of accidents and incidents.


Aviation Safety Network


Aviation Safety Network: Alaska


Alaska Dispatch Listing of Aviation News


Fortunately the pilot was able to stay in command of the aircraft

Zaz Hollander:  K2 plane makes safe landing on Parks Highway with six aboard



Chris Klint, Jerzy Shedlock:  Investigators reach crash site of one of planes in Russian Mission midair collision