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Military October 23, 2019

Task & Purpose: Missing West Point cadet Kade Kurita found dead; Ex-Marine who claimed a secret agency told him to kill a stranger gets life without parole; The Air Force is investigating whether an airman smoked weed at a missile alert facility for nuclear Minuteman ICBMs; The Air Force’s highest-paid employee is its football coach. He won’t say anything about his players using cocaine; and more -> New Army Protection Accessory Saves Soldier’s Life; Military IDs Remains of Korean War Soldier from Kansas; US Senate Ratifies North Macedonia Admission to NATO; US to Ask NATO to Pay More to Protect Saudi Arabia from Iran; Military Pay Raise at Risk in Budget Impasse, Key Lawmaker Says and more ->
DOD: Military Commissions Media Invitation Announced for United States v. Abd al Hadi al Iraqi


Military October 22, 2019 Marine Killed in Vehicle Accident at Mountain Warfare Center; Massive Search Effort Widens for West Point Cadet Who Vanished with M4 Carbine; Military Service Claims of Army Nurse in Viral Push-Ups Video Called into Question and more ->
Task & Purpose: Army identifies 3 soldiers killed in Bradley rollover at Fort Stewart; The Army is eyeing new tech that would let soldiers see enemies through walls; A ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ producer is making a war movie about Levi Shirley, an American volunteer who died fighting ISIS; Widow of Army veteran killed in El Paso shooting joins lawsuit against Walmart; Retired Coast Guard Admiral accused of shoplifting from Philly sex shop and more ->
DOD: Remarks by Secretary Esper in a Joint Press Conference With Senior Afghan Officials and Resolute Support Mission Commander; Tanks Reigned Supreme on WWII Battlefields; Transformational Change Comes to DOD Acquisition Policy and more ->




Military October 21, 2019

By Katie Lange, DOD: Medal of Honor Monday: Army Pfc. Richard G. Wilson

Richard Gene Wilson (August 19, 1931 – October 21, 1950) was a United States Army soldier and a posthumous recipient of the U.S. military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions in the Korean War. A combat medic, Wilson was awarded the medal for attempting to rescue a wounded soldier at the Battle of Yongju.

Read more -> Korean War Veteran Laid to Rest in New York; US Defense Chief in Afghanistan for Firsthand Look at War; Man Sentenced for Selling Crack Cocaine at VA Hospital; Navy Lieutenant, Wife Arrested in FBI, NCIS Raid in Florida and more ->
Task & Purpose: ‘We just can’t let his memory be forgotten’ — Black WWI soldier finally receives the recognition he deserves; Vietnam veteran in hospice care had a simple request: To reunite with his dog one last time; Pentagon considers leaving some troops in Syria to guard oil and more ->

The Angry Staff Officer: Warfighter: Helm’s Deep

Military October 20, 2019 ‘Nice Girls Don’t Join the Military’: Fairchild Commander Proves Her Critics Wrong; Coast Guard Recruitment Video 2019 and more ->
Task & Purpose: SecDef Esper: US forces in Afghanistan could drop to 8,600 without things falling apart; ‘She’s well worth it’ — Third-generation sailor pinned by Navy vet father and grandfather; The Army is teaming up with former Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge’s UFO group to research all the weird things and more ->


Military October 19, 2019 Hundreds Honor Georgia Veteran Known for Strength, Determination; 11 Men, Many in the Military, Attacked or Sexually Assaulted in NC City; Deep-Sea Explorers Find Japanese Ship that Sank During WWII; Joint Website Debuts as Major Military Health Care Merge Gets Underway and more ->
Task & Purpose: Erdogan vows to ‘crush the heads of terrorists’ if truce deal fails; A new documentary series about Clint Lorance pits the infantry officer convicted of murder against his former soldiers; Army families got the chance to tell senior leaders what really grinds their gears at AUSA and more ->
DOD: Department Of Defense Press Briefing By Undersecretary Of Defense For Acquisition And Sustainment Ellen M. Lord



Military October 18, 2019 Vets in Congress Renew Medal of Honor Plea for Army ‘Legend’ Alwyn Cashe; Attorney: Lawsuit Planned over VA Hospital Death in West Virginia; Charged with Killing His ‘Best Bud,’ Coast Guardsman Appears in Camp Pendleton Courtroom; Bullpup or Belt-Fed? Prototypes for Army’s Next-Gen Squad Weapons Finally Revealed and more->
Task & Purpose: Former VA Secretary: ‘Now is the time’ to research medical marijuana; Good Boyfriend Cory Booker read a WWII novel to Rosario Dawson over the phone and I’m here for it; ‘I’m the Meryl Streep of generals’ — Mattis hits back at Trump for calling him the ‘world’s most overrated general’ and more ->
DOD: Response to Catastrophe Would Require Unified Effort; Face of Defense: All Smiles and more ->

Military October 17, 2019 After Almost 5 Years, Army’s 101st Airborne Will Return to Full Air Assault Power; It’s Official: Barbara Barrett Will Be Air Force’s 4th Female Leader; Kyle Carpenter Is Still Refusing to Hide His Scars; Air Force Top Enlisted Leader: Keep Asking Fellow Airmen How They’re Doing; Library Exhibit Offers Glimpse Into WWII Vet Salinger’s Life and Work; Vote for this Year’s Top Rookie Veteran Trucker, and Maybe Be One Yourself and more ->
Task & Purpose: A Marine in this iconic Iwo Jima photo was misidentified for nearly 75 years — until now; The Air Force is funding research into piranha-proof Amazon fish scales for future body armor; A pair of special ops veterans are attempting a record military freefall from Mount Everest; Meet the retired Navy admiral running for president who is being ignored by most of the media; Florida owner of ‘Sea You Twerk’ charter boat no longer on a f*cking boat thanks to the Coast Guard and more ->
DOD: U.S. Will Continue Defeat-ISIS Campaign, Official Says; Adversaries Pose Unconventional Threats in ‘Gray Zone,’ DOD Official Says; WWII Posters Aimed to Inspire, Encourage Service and more ->



Military October 16, 2019

Task & Purpose: Heroic Navy fighter pilot who survived 6 years in Hanoi Hilton and rose to rear admiral dies at 91; We salute the Irish Defense Forces veteran who got the last laugh at his own funeral; Trump’s new national security adviser dispatched to Turkey to halt assault on Syria; This pararescueman will be the next senior enlisted advisor to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Kyle Carpenter earned the Medal of Honor for jumping on a grenade in Afghanistan. He believes you were worth the sacrifice; The first combat wounded veteran to get a penis transplant shares his story: ‘It was one of the best decisions I ever made’ and more -> Student Naval Pilot Was Flying at 15,000 Feet When Engine Caught Fire; Air Force Getting Ready to Deploy a Drone-Killing Laser and Phaser; ‘Midway’ Director Profiles Unknown Heroes Behind Navy’s Greatest Comeback; Real People, Events Inspire Military Storylines in NBC Show ‘This Is Us’ and more ->


Military October 15, 2019 World’s First Black Fighter Pilot Honored at Museum of Aviation; US Marine Veteran Who Fought in Iraq Faces Imminent Deportation; Military Appeals Court to Hear Double-Jeopardy Challenge in Child-Porn Case; Marines and Sailors Could Soon Get College Credit for Military Education and more ->
Task & Purpose: ABC News thought this Kentucky gun range video was from Turkey’s invasion of Syria; We salute the Florida man who drove his 1948 John Deere tractor across the country to support veterans; Marine recruit discharged and then immediately arrested on child molestation warrants, officials say; Retired Sergeant Major outs himself as admin for US Army WTF! Moments; The greatest movie about Green Berets in Vietnam is coming to Disney’s new streaming service; Exclusive: Soldiers are smoking a whole lot more weed in states where it’s legalized and more->
DOD: Military Exchanges Extinguish Vape Sales and more ->




Military October 14, 2019

By Katie Lange: Medal of Honor Monday: Army Pfc. Charles Barger
Charles Denver Barger (June 3, 1892 – November 25, 1936) was a United States Army soldier and a recipient of the United States military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions in World War I. He earned the medal while serving as a Chauchat automatic rifle gunner during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, when he and another soldier, Jesse N. Funk, entered no man’s land despite heavy fire and rescued two wounded officers and one enlisted man.
Jesse Nathaniel Funk (August 20, 1888 – March 21, 1933) was a United States Army soldier and a recipient of the United States military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions in World War I. He earned the medal while serving as a stretcher bearer during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, when he and another soldier, Charles D. Barger, entered no man’s land despite heavy fire and rescued two wounded officers.
Task & Purpose: Master Sgt. Mark Allen dies 10 years after being shot in the head while looking for Bowe Bergdahl; Korean War soldier finally laid to rest after missing for 69 years; A new ‘Band of Brothers’ series will highlight the chaotic and deadly missions of Air Force bomber crews in WWII; An Army vet turned Florida congressman wished the Navy a happy birthday with a photo of a Russian battlecruiser and more -> Textron’s Unmanned Battle Wagon Will Be Able to Hold and Launch Other Robots; Every Veteran Has a Voice. Here’s How We’re Going to Listen to All of Them; Drill Sergeant to SMA: Non-Grunt Army Recruits Need Marine Combat Training and more ->