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Military June 19, 2019

Task & Purpose: Last surviving medic from ‘Band of Brothers’ Easy Company laid to rest; The Iraq War’s first living Medal of Honor recipient could also receive 15 years’ worth of back pay; The trial of Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher has officially kicked off and more -> Investigation Still Open in Death of Marine Shot at Beaufort Air Station; Senator Joins Call to Allow Troops to Sue for Military Medical Malpractice; Major Power Shift Underway at Pentagon as Army Leaders Step Up; Lawmaker: Close GI Bill ‘Loophole’ that Benefits For-Profit Colleges
Statement From Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan

Military June 18, 2019

Task & Purpose: Air Force major drowns in cruise ship swimming pool; McRaven reveals his biggest fear during the planning of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden; A military landlord falsified maintenance logs at a major Air Force base to boost profits and more-> In First, Air Force Flies Hypersonic Missile Prototype on B-52 Bomber; From Street to Corps, Marine Vet Builds Character, Helps Students Do Same; Foul-Mouthed Apollo Astronauts Got Space Program in Trouble 50 Years Ago and more ->
US Department of Defense: DOD Announces $250M to Ukraine


Military June 17, 2019

By Katie Lange: Medal of Honor Monday: Army Sgt. Joe Ronnie Hooper

Joe Ronnie Hooper (August 8, 1938 – May 6, 1979) was an American who served in both the United States Navy and United States Army where he finished his career there as a captain. He earned the Medal of Honor while serving as an army staff sergeant on February 21, 1968 during the Vietnam War. He was one of the most decorated U.S. soldiers of the war and was wounded in action eight times.

Read more -> Agence France Presse | By Catherine Triomphe: Dogs Trained to Offer Support to Troubled US Veterans
The Angry Staff Officer: Finding Space – Chapter 2

Military June 16, 2019 Major Defense Merger Could Spur a Search for New Partnerships at Paris Air Show; Female Team Leading Elite Helicopter Training Changes Command in Pensacola and more ->
Task & Purpose: Tankers attacked in the Gulf of Oman to be inspected off the coast of the United Arab Emirates; Fathers’ military service helps inspire sons to join military and more ->
The Angry Staff Officer: Marvel-ling at the Pentagon: Force Design in the MCU
We Are The Mighty | By Alex Hollings: Learn How to Live Off Grid From This Legendary Navy Vet

Military June 15, 2019 Different Chambers and Parties, One Goal: Reduce Military Sexual Assaults; Next SMA Has a Reputation as a Stickler for Standards — and a Soldier’s Soldier; In Gulf, US Contends With Shadowy New Head of Iran’s Fast-Boat Navy and more ->
Task & Purpose: A 94-year-old who missed his graduation to go fight in WWII finally got his diploma and walked at commencement 76 years later; Army to begin awarding new Expert Soldier Badge later this year and more ->

Military June 14, 2019 Lawmaker Wants Navy Ship Named for Senior Chief Killed in Syria; Navy Picks New War College Leader After Removing President; ‘Criminal Minds’ Star: It’s Time for the Army to Have Its Own Museum and more ->
Task & Purpose: CENTCOM chief warns ‘very worrisome’ ISIS presence in Afghanistan has ‘aspirations’ to attack the US; Florida man arrested for ramming main gate at Mayport Naval Station with stolen dump truck; After almost 70 years, a Korean War POW’s remains are coming home; Bill-burning, backstabbing, and backroom deals: Inside the American Legion in its 100th year
“We used to be a leader,” a current Legion staffer said. “Now we ride coattails.” and more ->

By Jim Garamone: Senior Officers Must Lead Change in Uncertain World, Dunford Says
By Dave Vergun: DOD Wants Resident Input on Housing Bill of Rights

Military June 13, 2019 New VA Policy Aims to Stop Veterans from Hiding Guns in Wheelchairs; Bill Would Allow Troops to Freeze Eggs or Sperm, Delay Postpartum Deployments; Senate Passes Blue Water Navy Bill, Cementing Victory for Ill Vietnam Veterans; Marine Veteran Finds Common Ground with Former Enemy in New Memoir; Wife of Marine Vet Rep. Duncan Hunter to Change Plea in Corruption Case and more ->
Task & Purpose: EXCLUSIVE: After the VA missed a spine-eating infection, a loophole kept him from suing. A new bill would change that for other vets; A Florida Marine vet wanted to apologize for cutting off another driver. They both ended up dead; Lawmakers just took a major step towards taking military sex assault cases outside the chain of command and more ->
By Terri Moon Cronk: Pentagon Celebrates Diversity at LGBT Pride Month Observance

Col. (ret) Larry Perino, Col. (ret) Lee VanArsdale, and Master Sgt. (ret) Kyle Lamb, all participants in Operation Gothic Serpent, reflect on the events that took place twenty-five years ago during the Battle of Mogadishu in an event organized by the Modern War Institute at West Point.

Military June 12, 2019 This C-17 Crew Broke Diplomatic Protocol to Save a Life. Now They’re Up for Awards; Pentagon Still Struggles with Sexual-Assault Cases Among Military Kids; Medal of Honor Recipient Calls Military Honor Life-Changing; Some Military Women Miss Out on Maternity Leave. This Bill Would Fix That; Coast Guard Strips Gender-Specific Pronouns from Evals, Promotion Board Packages; Next SMA: Soldiers Must Stop Driving Tactical Vehicles They’re Not Trained to Operate;
Task & Purpose: Reince Priebus’s Navy service is going to be awkward for everyone involved; Marine Raider convicted of misdemeanor assault for punching his girlfriend several times; The Army is returning more remains of Native American children to their families a century after they died at ‘assimilation school’; Watch the Air Force’s F-35 Demo Team commander break down each of his insane aerial acrobatics and more ->
Polish President, Defense Minister Visit F-35 Facility in Florida; US Department of Defense: Navy to Christen Littoral Combat Ship Minneapolis-Saint Paul; ‘Atomic Veterans’ Can Apply For Defense Secretary’s Honor Certificate; Mideast Strategy Should Heed Global, Regional Needs, DOD Official Says and more ->


Military June 11, 2019 Army Service Cross Recipient Died Shielding Polish Officer from Blast; VA Hospitals to Ban All Tobacco Use, Vaping; ‘The Right Thing To Do:’ Unclaimed Remains of 19 Veterans Laid to Rest; Remains of US Marine Aviators Killed in Midair Collision off Japan Recovered and more->
Task & Purpose: Legendary Green Beret Roy Benavidez is the star of a graphic novel about his Vietnam heroics​; Ex-pharmacist gets 2 years, $7 million bill for role in scheme to bilk Tricare out of more than $100 million; Army recruiter awarded Distinguished Service Cross for dragging fellow soldiers to safety under enemy fire in Afghanistan; The Marine lance corporal who praised Nazis is being booted from the Corps and more ->
DoD Release No: NR-152-19: Five New Members Appointed to the DACOWITS
By David Vergun: Kids Learn About Military Service During Pentagon Visit
The Angry Staff Officer: Finding Space – Chapter 1

Military June 10, 2019

By Katie Lange: Medal of Honor Monday: Army 1st Lt. Arthur MacArthur Jr.

Lieutenant General Arthur MacArthur, Jr., (June 2, 1845 – September 5, 1912) was a United States Army general. He became the military Governor-General of the American-occupied Philippines in 1900 but his term ended a year later due to clashes with the civilian governor, future-U.S. President William Howard Taft.

His son, Douglas MacArthur, was one of only five men promoted to the five-star rank of General of the Army during World War II. In addition to their both being promoted to the rank of general officer, Arthur MacArthur, Jr., and Douglas MacArthur also share the distinction of having been the first father and son to each be awarded a Medal of Honor.

Read more -> Gunnery Sgt. Andrew Perryman, Dive project officer of Air and Amphibious Systems at Marine Corps Systems Command, carries Staff Sgt. Jonathan Blank during the 11th annual Recon Challenge, at the Reconnaissance Training Company compound on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California, May 16, 2019. (U.S. Marine Corps photo) Marines Carry Double Amputee During Recon Challenge; Lone Sailor Now Stands Watch at Historic D-Day Beach; Extensive PFAS Contamination Found Under Air National Guard Base in Tucson and more ->
Task & Purpose: Soldier posthumously receives Distinguished Service Cross for sacrificing himself to save a Polish soldier in Afghanistan; The Navy is naming a warship after a Coast Guard hero for the first time ever; Watch Navy hovercraft storm the beaches of the Pacific Northwest to train for the next catastrophic earthquake and more ->


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