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Military July 03, 2022

Task & Purpose: Santa Monica is considering giving veterans a beach house The proposal goes back to an 1888 plan that created the massive West Los Angeles VA Medical Center. And more ->

The Untold Past: The UNTOLD Story Of The Piper Of Pegasus Bridge Scottish Piper William ‘Bill’ Millin

Voices of History: ED KENNEDY U.S.M.C. KOREA – 7th Marines 1st Marine Division
The Team House: Special Forces Cpt. in Vietnam w/ 4 Purple Hearts | Jim Morris | Ep. 152
The Team House: Erik Prince’s Chinese Private Military Company
Free Range American Mike Glover: Pro Tips: How To Hold a Pistol Properly According to a Green Beret
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Liveth for Evermore: When Pirates Mistook a Warship for a Cargo Ship | January 2012
BRCC Clint’s Flight Home

BRCC Coffee or Die Magazine is Rebranding as The Forward Observer!

Military July 02, 2022 Navy Report: Multiple Errors Poisoned Pearl Harbor Water and more ->


Task & Purpose: Why nobody wants to join the Army this year The military is currently behind its recruiting goals for this year by 23% and more ->
The Untold Past: The JUSTIFIED Executions Of The Guards Of Bergen-Belsen
World War Two: 201 – Tougher than Guadalcanal: New Georgia – July 2 1943
Mike Glover Actual: Build up to a fast pistol draw
Warrior Poet Society: The WORST gun I own and why I’m KEEPING it

BRCC: TRICK SHOT SUMMER: 4th of July Special

Military June 30 & July 01, 2022, Coffee or Die: Operation Red Wings Through the Eyes of the Night Stalkers
Task & Purpose: Navy to stop punishing sexual assault victims for underage drinking, other minor infractions Under new guidance issued this week, commanders will no longer punish sailors and Marines who report sexual assaults for misconduct related to the incident.; Social media can be a weapon, and it’s time US troops get trained on it Leaders need to be taught the risks and rewards of social media in a new era of information warfare.; Off the shelf, above the fight: How cheap drones are completely changing warfare Ukraine is showing a paradigm shift. Units no longer need to rely on large platforms and layers of command and control that delay the use of drones on the battlefield. And more ->

Task & Purpose: ‘I was literally on fire’ — Airman recalls how an unlikely hero saved his life in Iraq After his Humvee was blown up by an IED, Air Force Staff Sgt. Cesar Flores was saved by someone he never expected.
“He and I did not get along at all,” said Flores. “He tended to question everything. Back then, my one way of leading was to get in line or get off the bus, so we did not jive well.”

DoD: New Eucom Leader Assumes Command Amid War in Ukraine; Feature Face of Defense: A Guardian With Serious Ground Game and more ->

By Philip Oltermann, The Guardian: Former Nazi camp guard, 101, convicted of complicity in murders Josef Schütz given five-year jail sentence in Germany but is unlikely to be put behind bars

The Untold Past: The DISGUSTING Crimes Of Lord Haw Haw – The Traitor William Joyce


Mark Felton Productions: What Did Famous WW2 Generals Sound Like?


Voices of History: 2ND LIEUTENANT LARRY KNOWLES – 40th Infantry, 140th Tank Battalion Company B Korean War.

Cleared Hot Podcst: Full Auto Friday – Round 112


Military June 29, 2022

Task & Purpose: The last living WWII Medal of Honor recipient has died Hershel “Woody” Williams was 98.; Air Force selects new helmet to replace the one pilots have loved to hate since the 1980s The Air Force picked a new helmet that could keep fixed-wing aircrew members more comfortable and injury-free.; What the cult classic ‘Red Dawn’ teaches us about insurgent warfare Wolverines! And more -> A D-Day Vet Finally Gets His Bronze Star and Purple Heart After 78 Years; Troops’ Abortion Access Will Continue Despite State Bans, Pentagon Vows and more ->

DoD: Biden Announces Changes in U.S. Force Posture in Europe; Vietnam Era Veterans Receive Bronze Star Award at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego; DOD Official: No Changes to Women’s Essential Health Care and more ->


World War Two A Deep Dive into the Tiger I by the Chieftain

Combat Story Green Beret Combat Experience | Aussie SASR | Talent War Group | Combat Story (Ep 80) Josh Johnson

Jack CarrUSA: Ollie Ollerton: SBS Veteran Leader Entrepreneur


Team Never Quit: DR. MARTÍN POLANCO AND MARINE RYAN ROBERTS: A Discussion on Clinical Psychedelics

Black Rifle Coffee Company: It’s Who We Are: Jariko Denman


Military June 27 & 28, 2022

DoD: Medal of Honor Monday: Navy Lt. Michael P. Murphy Navy Christens Huge Ship in San Diego that Bears the Name of Medal of Honor Recipient John Canley; Congress Eyes Extra Pay to Counter Wave of Suicides in Alaska and on Ships in the Yard; Army Vet Elvis Presley Gets His Own 24/7 Streaming Channel and more ->
Task & Purpose: James Mattis just got married in the most Marine way possible “Not surprising for a Marine, the couple met in a bar.”; Air Force welcomes its first female commando with little fanfare A woman joined one of the most elite careers in the military for the first time ever last week, but the Air Force has been low-key about it. And more ->
The Untold Past: The BRUTAL Executions Of Allied Airmen By The Japanese


Mark Felton Productions: Himmler’s Prince Charmless – Royal Nazi War Criminal

The History Guy: Tank Battles of the Dominican Civil War
KDLG: Military women react to Dobbs decision

Cleared Hot Episode 239 – Mike Sarraille

Military June 25 & 26, 2022 Army Drops Requirement for High School Diploma Amid Recruiting Crisis and more ->

Task & Purpose: Explorers found the USS Samuel B. Roberts, which sunk 78 years ago holding off an overwhelming Japanese battle group The “destroyer escort that fought like a battleship” was found four miles below the surface.; US Army private admits planning ‘mass casualty attack’ on fellow soldiers He faces 45 years in prison for trying to start a “prolonged armed conflict.”; Meet the ‘Wizzo’ — The secret sauce to one of the Air Force’s deadliest fighter jets In a fast-moving aircraft designed for air-to-air and air-to-ground combat, sometimes two heads are better than one. And more ->


The Untold Past: The DISGUSTING Crimes Of Joachim Peiper – The SS Commander

World War Two: 200 – Two Hundred Weeks of War – WW2 – June 25 1943


The Team House From Delta Operator to Professional Mercenary | Dale Comstock | Ep. 151

Military June 24, 2022 This Union Soldier Was the First Man to Be Awarded the Medal of Honor Twice; How You Can Read About Director Oliver Stone’s Combat Experiences in Vietnam and more ->
Task & Purpose: How a selfie with James Mattis shows he’s a Marine for the people Why is it that General Mattis is so beloved? Why would dozens of Air Force personnel, soldiers, and civilians let their own meals grow cold just to shake his hand?; The real-life Maverick who took on 7 Soviet jets in a classified Korean War dogfight The existence of the improbable dogfight remained under wraps for decades, yet the details of what happened are the stuff of legends.; ‘Boomers, Moose, Enlisted Jesus’ and more Air Force lingo for the rest of us Speak Air Force-ese with this handy guide on everything from piddle packs to Mustache March. And more ->
DoD: The Berlin Airlift: What It Was, Its Importance in the Cold War; President Authorizes Another $450 Million Drawdown to Support Ukraine and more ->
The Untold Past The Execution Of Oswald Pohl – The Chief Of The Concentration Camps
Mark Felton Productions Capturing Nazi Germany’s Holiest Room – Hitler’s Prison Cell
Cleared Hot Podcast Full Auto Friday – Round 111
Jack CarrUSA: Negative Reviews of ‘In the Blood’


Military June 23, 2022 Some, Including Vets, Could Lose Access to Military Mail Service Overseas and more ->


Task & Purpose: VA patient advocate who body-slammed Vietnam vet suspended indefinitely without pay Seven weeks after assaulting a patient at an Atlanta VA clinic, a VA patient advocate has been suspended.; 2 soldiers who just wanted to go home early wound up pulling a man from a burning truck Two classmates found themselves putting out a vehicle fire and saving the driver together on an Oklahoma highway.; The Army is now officially allowing more tattoos The change comes amid what one official called the “most challenging recruiting market” in 20 years.;

By Jocko Willink: How to Use Jiu Jitsu, Life Or Death, When You’re Outnumbered
Warrior Poet Society: John’s NEWEST EDC | Subcompact CR920

BRCC The Medevac Podcast: Ep 047 Kathryn Strauss & Adam Green

Military June 22, 2022 Airman Arrested in Connection with Attack on US Base in Syria that Injured 4 Troops; Russia Indicates Captured Vets Face Trial as Death Penalty Looms and US Grasps for Details and more ->


Task & Purpose: The Army’s top enlisted leader went to Reddit for soldiers’ ideas on fixing the service’s biggest problems The Sergeant Major of the Army turned to Reddit to ask soldiers for their help fixing issues with Army culture. One suggestion: “Cut back on the bullshit.”; The untold history of the US military’s strange law against dueling It remains illegal for troops to engage in duels even though the practice of dueling died out in the United States long ago.; Airman arrested in connection to insider attack on US base in Syria A mysterious explosion in April at a base in northern Syria injured four U.S. troops. Who was behind it? And more ->

By Lucas Reilly, Truly*Adventurous: Ho Chi Bear and the Ravens Dubbed the Ravens, misfit American pilots in Vietnam learned they could fly, fight, and drink as they pleased in a CIA-sponsored secret war. Just one catch: They answered to General Vang Pao.


The Untold Past: The TRAGIC Executions Of Skede Beach
Mark Felton Productions: The Death of Himmler – Episode 5: Capturing Himmler’s Love Nest


Military June 21, 2022 Army: Disinterred Remains Do Not Match Native American Boy; US, Iran in Tense Sea Incident; Tehran Preps New Centrifuges and more ->
Task & Purpose: VA ‘patient advocate’ captured on video body-slamming Vietnam vet still has his job The assault occurred after an elderly veteran knocked on the door to ask to use the restroom while he waited for his appointment.; Another airman has gone public on social media with sexual assault allegations The airman says she was retaliated against for reporting the assault.; Why this tiny island in the Pacific may be ground zero in a war with China If China’s leaders thought a war with the United States was inevitable, they would be tempted to strike first. And more ->
American Veterans Center: Marine Describes Anger and Combat Against the Japanese During World War II

Combat Story: SAS Operator (Australia & New Zealand) | Tier 1 | Podcast Host | Joe Hotai – Combat Story (Ep. 79)
Vigilance Elite: Shawn Ryan Show #28 Nick “Machine” Lavery – Active Duty Army Special Forces Amputee

Jack CarrUSA: ZEV Technologies Christian Craighead OZ9 and More! – Danger Close Gear Highlight