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Military September 19, 2021

Task & Purpose: This is how to respond to a veteran contemplating suicide I’ll never forget him. Or his voice. And more -> Mourners in California Honor 3 Marines Killed in Afghanistan; Navy Releases Names of 2 Naval Air Station Sigonella Sailors Killed in Sicily Crash; After Afghanistan Pullout, US Seeks NATO Basing, Intel Pacts; Trailblazing Tourist Trip to Orbit Ends with Splashdown and more ->


Military September 18, 2021 Navy Doing Deep Sea-Search for Sailors’ Remains, Helicopter; The Only American Female POW in WWII Europe Had to Fight for Her Status; USS John S. McCain Heads to New Homeport in Washington After Momentous 24 Years in Japan and more ->
DOD: August 29 Strike in Kabul ‘Tragic Mistake,’ Kills 10 Civilians and more ->




Robert Lewis Howard (July 11, 1939 – December 23, 2009) was the most highly decorated officer of Vietnam United States Army Special Forces and Medal of Honor recipient of the Vietnam War.

He was wounded 14 times over 54 months of combat, was awarded the Medal of Honor, eight Purple Hearts, a Distinguished Service Cross,[a] a Silver Star, and four Bronze Stars.

He was nominated for the Medal of Honor three times over a 13-month period but received lesser medals for the first two nominations, which were for actions performed in Cambodia where the U.S. was fighting covertly. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions on December 30, 1968, his third nomination.

He retired from the US Army after 36 years of service as a full colonel. He was one of the most decorated soldiers in the Vietnam War and was “said to be the most decorated service member in the history of the United States”.

He died as a result of pancreatic cancer, and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery on February 22, 2010.


Military September 17, 2021 Army Begins Civilian Overhaul of Investigative Division After Fort Hood; Storage Company Must Pay Airman $60,000 After Selling His Property While He Was Deployed; Afghan Translators Stranded as Passports Become Casualty of US Embassy Capture and more ->
Task & Purpose: ‘We need to wake up’ — Air Force Chief Bass calls out critics of ‘woke’ culture ‘We are focused on making sure every single one of our airmen and guardians can thrive.’; Army finally reveals why a soldier is being court-martialed for a mysterious firefight in Syria Nicoson allegedly ordered soldiers to delete video of the incident. And more ->
DoD: Austin Swears in Pentagon’s New Special Operations Chief; DOD Identifies Most Remains of Those Killed on USS Oklahoma and more ->




Military September 16, 2021 France Kills Islamic State Leader Who Attacked US Military Personnel in Niger in 2017; Hawaii-Based Soldier Gets 62 Years in Prison for Bludgeoning Wife to Death and more ->
Task & Purpose: US troops are still in Syria and nobody can give a good answer as to why The U.S. military’s presence in Syria is a mission looking for a strategy.; The Air Force wants to turn the C-130 into a floating commando wagon “Seaborne operations offer nearly unlimited water landing zones.”; The Air Force tried to kill the A-10 by clipping its wings and starving it of parts “It’s a death from a thousand cuts.” And more ->
DoD: Recovery Mission: Search for America’s Missing; DOD Wants You to ‘Connect to Protect’ for Suicide Prevention Month; Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and Secretary of State Antony Blinken meet with their Australian counterparts. And more ->




Military September 15, 2021 How an Air Force Pilot Tried to Save His Wingman by Pushing His Plane in Midair; VA Extends Disability Deadline for Gulf War Vets; What Happens to Soldiers Who Refuse the COVID Vaccine?; VA Employee Tweets Out Details of a Surgery No Vet Would Want Public and more ->
Task & Purpose: ‘That little girl has an entire brotherhood behind her’ — America welcomes baby girl of Marine killed in Kabul “[H]e would’ve been the best dad.”; How a few good ‘Bastards’ from the Army National Guard helped secure the Kabul airport “No one could’ve predicted how this unfolded. The entire situation was surreal.” And more ->
DoD: Sports Heroes Who Served: Dune Buggy Builder, Racer, Survived Kamikaze Attack and more ->



Military September 14, 2021 After 71 Years, Korean War Vet Will Finally Be Laid to Rest; National Guard Stepping Up to Fill School Bus Shortage; Air Force Veterans Seek Class-Action Suit over Trauma Consideration in Discharges and more ->
Task & Purpose: ‘Blue Angels’ Marine awarded highest non-combat heroism medal after saving 3 kids [Updated] “Sgt. Parsons … immediately jumped into action.”; ‘I love flying the A-10’ — This man has BRRRT’d longer than anybody in history”Even after 32 years, it hasn’t gotten old.”; US suspends military support to Guinea after Special Forces-trained troops launch coup on their day off
It was supposed to be a ‘down day.’ And more ->

DoD: Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby Holds a Press Briefing and more ->




Military September 12 & 13, 2021

11 Alive: World War II veteran celebrates 100th birthday Jack Shearer, of Mount Joy, was part of the Sino-American Cooperative Organization, which spied on Japan during the war. Oldest US Veteran of WWII Celebrates His 112th Birthday and more ->
Medal of Honor Monday: Marine Corps Maj. Kenneth Bailey



There are winners and losers; a loser is just a winner that tried one more time.

Military September 11, 2021

“We must risk delight. We can do without pleasure,
but not delight. Not enjoyment. We must have
the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless
furnace of this world. To make injustice the only
measure of our attention is to praise the Devil.”
Jack Gilbert, A Brief For The Defense


Task & Purpose: The Navy vessel built from steel from the wreckage of the World Trade Center The USS New York’s nose is made from steel salvaged from the wreckage of the World Trade Center.; ‘This is not an exercise’ — What it was like inside the Pentagon during the 9/11 terror attacks “I just wanted to hurt someone. Who would do this to us?”; Point of impact: An untold story of escape from the Pentagon on 9/11 and the Forever Wars that followed When Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, the Marine Corps and Defense Department prepared for war. Two decades later, this is that story of service and sacrifice. And more ->



Military September 10, 2021 Report Slams Police for Not Finding Dead Vet on VA Campus; A Generation Shaped by 9/11: Stories of Americans Inspired to Serve and more ->
Task & Purpose: What 9/11 looked like to the only US service member not on Earth for it On the morning of September 11th, Navy aviator Capt. Frank Lee Culbertson was stranded in outer space as the terror attacks unfolded.;Air Force finds one-third of female airmen have been sexually harassed “Inclusion is the action that draws the best from every one of our members.”; Years after being injured in Iraq, this Army medic has shattered another Paralympic world record “My goal was to give the military community something to cheer for.” And more ->
DoD: Guard Pilot Who Flew Over D.C. Following 9/11 Likened Attacks to Modern-Day Pearl Harbor; 9/11 Pentagon Survivors Talk With High School, College Students About Experience; DOD Releases September 11th Video Messages and more ->





Military September 09, 2021 Marine Recruit Dies at Parris Island — the Second Death in 3 Months; Louisiana National Guard Soldier Killed in Drunken Driving Accident, Georgia Guard Member Charged with Manslaughter; Biden Orders 18 Trump Appointees Off Service Academy Boards; This Army Unit Was Renamed for Its Search and Rescue Work on 9/11 and more ->
Task & Purpose: 8 months after getting Pentagon approval, Alwyn Cashe still hasn’t received the Medal of Honor The family of Sgt. 1st Class Alwyn Cashe is still waiting.; The war in Afghanistan is over but military leaders are still trying to hide their failures No more excuses. And more ->
DoD, USAF: Academy co-hosts discussion to combat sexual assault, harassment; Austin Says Gulf State Responses Highlights Benefits of Allies, Partners and more ->