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Military September 10, 2018

By Katie Lange, Department of Defense: Soldier’s Selfless Act in Korea Saved Others, Earned Him MoH
Gordon M Craig : Korean War Casualty from Massachusetts
By Richard Sisk: VA Study Will Compare Effectiveness of Two Leading PTSD Treatments
By Aaron Knowles: Soldier Featured in ‘King of the Hill’ Meme Speaks Out on Bullying



Military September 09, 2018

By Ronald Fisher: Raising Voices: Tower at Flight 93 Memorial to be Dedicated



Team Never Quit Podcasts
What’s it like to play a part in history? The #TeamNeverQuitPodcast is honored to welcome former SEAL Team 6 member and American hero, #RobONeill to this week’s historic 100th show. Never before has the Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell, and the Operator, O’Neill been together on the air in any type of format. In this epic episode, Rob shares his greatest never quit story, as well as he and Marcus, share their profound insight as to what it takes to be willing to give everything for the men around them. The TNQ Podcast once again delivers an outstanding guest and show dedicated to helping you, our listeners, to discover your never quit mindset.

Military September 08, 2018

Press Advisory Press Operations Release No: PA-036-18: Sept. 11 Pentagon Memorial Observance Ceremony

The event will be live streamed live on
From a U.S. European Command News Release: Northern European Chiefs of Defense Address Russian Deterrence
By William Cole: Crew of Crashed Black Hawk Became Disoriented, Army Report Says
By Katie Lange: Purple Heart Recipients: You’re Exempt From GI Bill Transfer Policy Changes
The changes made in July were implemented to increase troop retention, but just this week, Defense Secretary James Mattis signed another policy immediately exempting wounded warrior Purple Heart recipients from that change.

In case you’re confused: This means that wounded warriors with Purple Hearts can transfer their benefits, regardless of their years of total service or ability to complete more obligatory service.

“Secretary Mattis has been clear – we must recognize the sacrifices these service members have made,” said Stephanie Miller, director of accessions policy within the Office of the Secretary of Defense. “This policy reflects our continuing commitment to wounded warriors and their families.”

All other laws and DoD policies concerning the transferability of unused Post-9/11 GI Bill educational benefits – including the changes from July – remain in effect.
By Collin Breaux: ‘Legendary’ Military Canine Remembered at Ceremony
By Air Force Airman 1st Class Andrew Sarver 99th Air Base Wing: Spine Surgery Team Adds Capability, Improves Readiness at Nellis Air Force Base
By Drew Brooks: Soldiers Honor History in First ‘Blood on the Water’ Competition
By Dale White: In Sarasota, Panelists Insist Cannabis Can Reduce Addictive Opioid Use
By David Vergun Army News Service: New Fitness Test Measures Combat Readiness, Army Secretary Says

“If you can’t pass the Army Combat Fitness Test, then there’s probably not a spot for you in the Army,” said Secretary of the Army Mark T. Esper.
By Meredith Mathis: On Being Raped By My Commander
Vulnerability is terrifying. Sharing our dark struggles leaves us wide open for the masses to throw stones at our strength, or perceived lack of it. But something truly miraculous happens when we allow others the honor of hearing our stories, even the parts we don’t quite understand. Our shame cannot survive being talked about – it dies the moment we share it. And our authenticity frees others to own their stories, too. And that’s where the healing happens.

Meredith Mathis is a medically retired Army logistics-turned-Public Affairs Officer, having served in OEF in 2009-2010 and 2012. She recently published a book titled The Mountain Still Stands: A Young Soldier’s Battle for Peace in a Time of War. Meredith lives with her husband Tyler and owns a photo restoration business.

Military September 07, 2018

By Meghan Mobbs: The Misappropriation Of Pat Tillman’s Legacy
By Seth Robson: Special Forces Soldiers Fight to Grant Last Wish of Fallen Iraqi Interpreter
By Kathy Gannon and Amir Shah: US Defense Secretary Mattis Makes Surprise Visit to War-weary Kabul
By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity: U.S. Officials Seek to Boost Arms Sales to India
By Air Force Staff Sgt. Mike Kelly, 132nd Wing, Iowa Air National Guard: Face of Defense: Namesake Davy Crockett Descendant Serves in Iowa Air Guard
By Zachary Martin: Thinking About How To Draw A Line To Avoid Unwanted Sexual Advances
Zachary Martin is a former Marine infantry and expeditionary ground reconnaissance officer who made four deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. He teaches sexual harassment/assault prevention and suicide prevention to members of the military and is working on a novel about the ongoing war.
By Joanna Dasher: Back To Afghanistan: Looking At The Ghazni That Exists Now Vs. The Town I Knew
Joanna (Jo) Dasher is a writer and editor in Atlanta. After graduating from West Point with a bachelor’s degree in political science in 2006, she served for five years in the active-duty Army, including two combat tours in Afghanistan as an ordnance platoon leader and on a provincial reconstruction team in Ghazni province. She separated from the Army in 2011 as a captain. Follow her on Twitter @jojodasher
By Logan Nye: 6 Signs That Let Troops Know It’s About to Get Real
By Jared Keller: Watch Troops In Afghanistan Try The MRE Pizza For The First Time

By Ward Carroll: Marine Veteran C.J. Chivers Definitively Captures the Endless Wars in ‘The Fighters’

Military September 06, 2018

Media Availability by Secretary Mattis En Route to India Secretary Of Defense James N. Mattis
Remarks by Lieutenant General Charles Hooper Lieutenant General Charles Hooper, Director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency
By Katie Lange Defense Media: General’s Work Earns Him Multiple Native Alaskan Tribal Names
By Alexandra Shea, Evans Army Community Hospital: Gold Star Mother Continues Fallen Son’s Legacy
By Army Staff Sgt. Leticia Samuels, 449th Theater Aviation Brigade: Face of Defense: Army NCOs Reconnect During Mideast Deployment
By James Clark: There’s A Theme Park About That Time The Union Tried To Use Dinosaurs To Win The Civil War
By Col. Keith Nightingale, U.S. Army (Ret.): Sh*t Happens — And That’s Not Always A Bad Thing




Military September 05, 2018

By Hope Hodge Seck: Soldier Fatally Injured at Bagram Airfield Identified
By Jared Keller: Army Soldier Killed In Afghanistan Insider Attack Was On His 13th Deployment
The Associated Press: Charges Dropped in Death of Nebraska Army Sergeant
By Associated Press: Flight Terminal in Afghanistan Named for Oklahoma Soldier
By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity: Dunford Gets Greek View of Regional Challenges
By Ilka Cole Eglin Air Force Base: First Invisible Wounds Center Opens at Eglin Air Force Base
By Ilka Cole Eglin Air Force Base: Face of Defense: Rwanda-Born Airman Finds Success in Service
By Christine June George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies: Marshall Center Course Highlights Combating Transnational Criminals
By Army Capt. Robert Taylor, Idaho Army National Guard: Face of Defense: Guard Soldier’s Experiences Put Her Ahead of Civilian Peers
By Lt. Col. Steve Danyluk, USMC (Ret.): If Congress Really Wants To Fix Our Veterans’ Mental Health Crisis, It Will Pass The Hemp Act
By Kyle Mizokami, The National Interest: Why The US Military Still Loves Shotguns In A Firefight
By Joseph V. Micallef: The Night Wolves: Russian Motorcycle Club or Kremlin Militia?


Military September 04, 2018

By Gina Harkins: Second US Troop Death in 2 Days in Afghanistan
By Kathy Gannon: Taliban Say Founder of Haqqani Network Dies in Afghanistan
By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity: Dunford Arrives for Consults in Athens, Readies for Indian 2+2
By Max Filby, Dayton Daily News, Ohio: One Month Later, We Still Don’t Know What Went Wrong With That Wright-Patterson Active Shooter Scare
The Angry Staff Officer Guest post by XO of XOs: Mentorship: Cross-Component Leader Development
By Brock Vergakis: Navy Shifts Recruiting Efforts Online, Uses Sailor in First Reddit ‘AMA’


Military September 03, 2018

By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity: Miller Takes Over NATO, U.S. Commands in Afghanistan
By Richard Sisk: Insider Attack Kills Service Member as New US Commander Takes Over
Fox News Petraeus: US Has ‘Sacred Obligation’ to Help Burn-Pit Veterans
Photos By Alejandro Pena DoD News, Defense Media Activity: JBER Air Force Firefighters Train to Battle Aircraft Fires

Military September 02, 2018

By Mike Corder: Amsterdam: ‘Terrorist Motive’ Alleged in Attack on Americans
By Julia Bergman: When It Comes to Medical Marijuana, Veterans Often Have to Improvise
By Richard Sisk: Amputees in High Heels: VA Research Zeroes in on Quality of Life

Military September 01, 2018

By Terri Moon Cronk DoD News, Defense Media Activity: Deputy Secretary Discusses Future of Space Force at Space and Missile Systems Center
By Army Staff Sgt. Michael Davis New York National Guard: Face of Defense: Guard Soldier Uses Medical Skills to Save Boy’s Life
By Gina Harkins: NCIS Nabs 5 Sailors on Charges of Sex Crimes, Human Trafficking in Bahrain
Week in Photos Photos By Multiple photographers DoD News, Defense Media Activity: Week in Photos: Aug 25-31
By Jeff Schogol: T&P Is Hitting The Road With James Mattis, And We Want Your Questions