Music August 12, 2017

00:00:00 Floyd Lee – Mean Blues
00:04:49 Magic Slim – So easy to love you
00:11:55 Luhter “Snake Boy” Johnsn – Lonesome in my bedroom
00:18:17 Louisiana Red – Driftin’
00:23:58 Carlos Santana – Blues magic
00:28:23 The Nortons – Married to the Blues
00:36:14 Joe Bonamassa – Reconsider Baby
00:43:04 Robben Ford – Blue and Lonesome
00:51:26 Li’l Dave Thompson – I got a feeling
00:55:27 Lurrie Bell – Smokin’ dynamite
01:00:57 Buddy guy – Red house
01:04:41 Jimmy Dawkins – Cold as hell
01:09:29 Koko Taylor – Money is the name of the game
01:16:14 Luther Allison – Livin in the house of the Blues
01:21:39 Michael Burks – Icepik through my heart
01:28:29 Shirley Johnson – Prisoner of love
01:33:18 Lucky Peterson – Nana Jarnell
01:38:46 Magic Slim – Country boy
01:44:55 The Stumble All over again
01:55:52 Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson – Luther’s Blues
02:01:21 Willie Kent – I had a dream

From idea to #2 on Product Hunt in one week – prototypr  August 10, 2017

Source: From idea to #2 on Product Hunt in one week – prototypr

What’s next?

First, we have to add more music videos to the website. Right now we are going through all of the submissions and whenever we add a song, you will get pinged on Twitter.

Second, we are working on some features that are still missing. Think of: being able to share a track, adding Chromecast support, selecting individual countries, adding volume control and making the website a bit more social.

After that, I don’t know 🤷‍♂️. We are still figuring out how we can keep this website relevant. Right now I’m hoping that more music blogs will feature us…

Please let us know if you have some tips.

Music August 10, 2017

00:01:00 Melissa Etheridge: “Bring Me Some Water” (from Etheridge’s debut album “Melissa Etheridge”, 1988)
00:08:32 Melissa Etheridge feat. Cam: “Come to My Window” (from Etheridge’s album “Yes I Am”, 1993)
00:14:29 Lindsay Ell: “Criminal” (Ell’s new album “The Project”, 2017)
00:21:53 Lindsay Ell: “Waiting on You” (Ell’s new album “The Project”, 2017)
00:27:15 Troi Irons: “Lawless” (Single written by Sandy Chila & Troi Irons, 2016)
00:31:43 Troi Irons with Melissa Etheridge: “Today” (album “Turbulence EP”, 2016)
00:36:13 Troi Irons: “Call Me” (album “Turbulence EP”, 2016)
00:40:20 Orianthi: “Frozen” (album “Heaven in This Hell”, 2013)
00:44:22 Orianthi: “How Do You Sleep” (album “Heaven in This Hell”, 2013)
00:50:29 Orianthi (cover Stevie Ray Vaughan, 1983): “Pride & Joy”
00:59:02 Melissa Etheridge: “I’ve Been Loving You, Too Long” (Otis Reading’s song, 1965 – Inclunding in Etheridge’s new album “MEmphis Rock and Soul” realesed 7/10/2016)
01:05:26 Melissa Etheridge feat. Lindsay Ell: “I’m the Only One” (from Etheridge’s album “Yes I Am”, 1993)
01:10:20 Melissa Etheridge, Lindsay Ell & Orianthi: “Rock Me Baby” (B.B. King’s song, 1964 – Inclunding in Etheridge’s new album “MEmphis Rock and Soul” realesed 7/10/2016)
01:19:43 Melissa Etheridge, Lindsay Ell, Orianthi, Troi Irons & Cam: “Respect Yourself” (The Staples Singers’s song, 1971 – Inclunding in Etheridge’s new album “MEmphis Rock and Soul” realesed 7/10/2016)
01:25:29 Melissa Etheridge, Lindsay Ell, Orianthi, Troi Irons & Cam: “Johnny B. Goode” (Tribute to Rock ‘n Roll pioneer Chuck Berry with his legendary song written in 1958)

Music August 08, 2017

0:00 Peter Crowley — Conquest of the Sea
3:43 Abney Park — Buy the Captain Rum
6:45 The Cog is Dead — To the Depths Below
9:37 The Irish Rovers — Drunken Sailor
12:19 Jolly Rogers — The Devil’s Son
14:34 Voltaire — To the Bottom of the Sea
18:26 The Pyrates Royale – Santy Ano (live)
21:12 Peter Crowley — Escaping the Kraken
24:08 Voltaire — This Ship is Going Down
28:69 Abney Park — Scupper Shanty
31:57 Craig Toungate – Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum
34:32 ???? – Spanish Ladies
37:26 Paul Shapera — Ride the Hemp (from A Pirate’s Tale)
39:49 Circus Contraption — Down to the Devil
43:35 Voltaire — Beast of Pirate’s Bay
48:38 Jolly Rogers — Roll Me Hearties
50:48 Never Land Pirate Band — Bucky’s Shanty
51:49 Jon Magnificent — The Captain
54:56 Flippyshark – Blackbeard’s Vengeance (from Tales of the Hook)
59:54 Abney Park — Ballad of Captain Robert
1:02:27 Jolly Rogers — All for Me Grog (live)
1:06:15 Paul Shapera — Tale of a Thousand Trials (from A Pirate’s Tale)
1:08:32 Walid Feghali — Pirates, We Are
1:11:58 Voltaire — Tempest
1:15:58 Paul Shapera — A Pirate’s Tale (from A Pirate’s Tale)
1:18:43 Abney Park — Aether Shanty
1:21:31 The Shanty Crew — The Coast of High Barbary
1:24:06 Pirates of the Caribbean (Main Theme)
1:29:59 Lazy Town — You Are a Pirate