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I just love this tune!



Music April 17, 2017

Great music, as often as possible. That is our pledge to you, and since 2010 we’ve been striving to create the best online music discovery experience in the world. We’ve travelled all around the world in our quest to fulfil that pledge and will never stop striving for great music.

Hozier – Cherry Wine 0:08
Matthew and The Atlas – Elijah 4:09
Matt Corby – Untitled 8:22
Lisa Hannigan – Fall 13:34
We Were Evergreen – Eighteen 16:31
Dan Croll – Sweet Disarray 19:34
Declan Donovan – Fallen So Young 22:31
JP Cooper – Colour Me In Gold 26:27






Recognize anyone?

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Music April 14, 2017

A pair of soldiers have started a country music band in Fort Eustis, Virginia. Patten and Goff posted their new song ‘Proud of Who I Am’ on Facebook and the music video already has garnered more than 30,000 shares. The video is being shared around the world and could become a popular military anthem for our troops. Check them out on YouTube:

Source: Soldiers’ Song ‘Proud of Who I Am’ Goes Viral

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