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Military November 04 & 05, 2022 Famous Veterans: Tony Bennett Helped Liberate a Concentration Camp Before Singing in the Army; 9 Veterans Who Made Headlines This Year and more ->

Task & Purpose: American woman gets 20 years in prison for training and leading all-female ISIS battalion Her team trained girls as young as 10 to use automatic weapons and suicide belts.; Netflix documentary shows Vanessa Guillén’s family’s fight for answers in the wake of her murder “This was not one of those cases the military could sweep under the rug.”; Air Force C-17 crew receives Distinguished Flying Cross for hauling record 823 people to safety during Kabul airlift “Eight hundred people on your jet? Holy … holy cow.” And more ->
The Untold Past: What Happened To Mussolini’s Body After His Execution?
World War Two: 219 – Allies Launch new Phase in Pacific War – WW2 – November 5 1943
World War Two: Inside the Gulag System – WW2 Special
American Boots in Ukraine | EP. 089 | Mike Force Podcast

The Team House: Air Force 24th Special Tactics Squadron Operator | Chad McCoy | Ep. 173
BRCC Presents: Lucas O’Hara of Grizzly Forge
Cleared Hot Podcast: Full Auto Friday – Round 130


Military July 24, 2022

Task & Purpose: The Pentagon’s new office wants to resolve anomalies like UFOs The truth might be out there, and the DoD wants to defeat whatever it is.; Why a KC-135 Stratotanker fuel plane became a baseball mascot A refueling plane mascot replaces a pro-recycling one. And more ->
12 Strong 2018 | R | 2h 9m | Movies Based on Real Life Following 9/11, a dozen US soldiers mount up on horseback in Afghanistan to help a local warlord take on a mutual enemy. Inspired by true events.
Twelve members of the U.S. Army Special Forces ODA 595 were given the mission to capture Mazar-i-Sharif. The mission by the Horse Soldiers and their counterparts is one of the US military’s most stunning achievements. Military planners predicted it would take two years. Task Force Dagger did it in three weeks. Al Qaeda considers this to be their worst defeat. Because their mission was classified, the men of Special Forces ODA 595 returned home to their everyday lives with no fanfare or public acknowledgment of the near impossible mission they completed.
This is the true story of the last US Army Cavalry Charge.
Social media post helps woman discover her grandmother’s World War II past

The Team House: The life and death of one of America’s Secret Soldiers: Michael Froede | Kate Kemplin | Jul Bonus Ep
The Team House: Senior CIA Officer Weighs in on Ukraine and Syria | Doug Wise | Ep. 155

Team Never Quit: Being A Veteran Is the Best Part Of Being In The Military with Brian Reese

Military June 12, 2022

Task & Purpose: Navy hits pause on flight operations after a string of crashes Units are to review safety practices and focus on reducing risks.; Three Navy commanders relieved of duty in the past week The ousters include the head of the Navy’s boot camp and training base. And more ->
Mark Felton Productions: Pickelhaube Pyramids – WW1’s Strangest Monuments
Mark Felton Productions: Last German Top Gun – Only Living Luftwaffe Super Ace
The Untold Past: The BRUTAL Executions Of The Teenage Girls That Fought The Germans
Voices of History: PFC JERRY MCNELLY 1st Air Cavalry Vietnam 1967-1968

Military April 02, 2022

Task & Purpose: Navy identifies sailor killed in radar plane crash off Virginia coast We mourn the loss of Navy Lt. Hyrum Hanlon.; Hell at Abbey Gate: Untold stories from the Afghanistan War’s final days Afghan civilians and U.S. Marines describe the desperate struggle to flee through the Kabul airport’s last open entrance. U.S. officials knew an attack was coming. Then it did. Why Space Force Wants to Patrol Around the Moon and more ->
DoD: News Agency Director Receives Hopper Award and more ->






Military January 21, 2022

Task & Purpose: Marine Corps identifies 2 Marines killed in truck rollover in North Carolina Rest in peace.
Task & Purpose: The story behind one of the most bizarre squadron emblems in the Air Force Fangs out!; Army investigating Fort Hood soldier for mocking sexual harassment in TikTok video “I posted it and I wasn’t thinking.”; The Marine Corps is officially flying its ‘most powerful’ helicopter ever; Rep. Madison Cawthorn decided that a hearing on burn pits was a good time to clean his firearm When asked about it his spokesman reportedly said, “What could possibly be more patriotic than guns and veterans?”; What the daily schedule of a National Guard substitute teacher probably looks like Allow me to orientate you to this algebra equation on this here blackboard. And more ->
DoD: Guard Chief Details Changes to Combat Sexual Assault, Harassment and more -> The Military Isn’t Sure Whether 5G Cell Phones Interfere with its Planes; Army Conducted Fewer Military Funeral Honors in 2021 and more ->






Military January 03, 2022 Coalition: 2 Armed Drones Shot Down at Baghdad Airport and more ->
Task & Purpose: Young troops are taking their own lives at double the rate of their civilian peers. Why? We need to do more to protect these young, idealistic Americans from despair, or their deaths will be our shame. And more ->
By The Angry Staff Officer: American War and American Memory



Guy Stern (born Günther Stern, January 14, 1922) is a German-American decorated member of the secret Ritchie Boys World War II military intelligence interrogation team. He became a scholar of literature, primarily German and comparative.







Military October 30, 2021 WWII Veteran’s Grave Rediscovered and Marked by US Military in Djibouti; Famous Veteran: Robert Duvall; Marines Halt Live-Fire Training Near Mount Fuji Due to Stray .50-Caliber Round;

Task & Purpose: These are the best photos of the US Military we saw this week Blue Angels and brrrrt, silkies and squad bays…we have it all; It’s official: Marine Corps brings back the sleeve tattoo Sleeves are officially back. And more ->
DoD: DOD Celebrates ‘National Veterans and Military Families Month’ and more ->
By Jenny Ashcraft, Fold 3 HQ: Women Who Lost Their Lives During WWII
Fold 3 HQ: Stories of Women Who Lost Their Lives in World War II




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Military November 23, 2019 Let’s Help a WWII Vet Celebrate Her 100th Birthday; Fired Police Sergeant Held on $1M Bond Shot Medic in Back of Head, Indictment Says; Nearly 6 Years After Homeless Vet Was Decapitated by Driver, Police Make Arrest; Ready for the Unexpected: Air Force Drilling Troops in Survival, Response Skills and more ->
Task & Purpose: Pence makes surprise visit to Iraq to reassure Kurds (and US troops) that they’re not forgotten; Under heavy fire during a massive Taliban ambush, this airman broke cover to save his teammates; Retired colonel pleads guilty to ripping off the military for millions in kickback scheme; For the first time ever, a female Marine has graduated the grueling Basic Reconnaissance course; Defying Trump, Navy Secretary backs effort to revoke tridents from Eddie Gallagher and other SEALs; A new documentary tells the heroic story of the first Marine to earn the Medal of Honor since Vietnam and more ->
DOD: Freedom of Navigation in South China Sea Critical to Prosperity, Says Indo-Pacific Commander; Threat From China Requires Innovative Approach, Says DOD Official and more ->



Military September 21, 2019 Trial Ordered for SEAL and Marine Charged in Green Beret’s Death; Pentagon Marks POW/MIA Day with Joint U.S.-British Parachute Jump; It’s Official: AMVETS Will Hold Memorial Day Rally in D.C. to Replace ‘Rolling Thunder’; How this Retired Navy SEAL Went from Stuntman to Hollywood Director; World War II Veteran, Who Met Patton Twice, Turns 100; DoD Offers Compensation to Victims of Domestic Abuse and more ->
Task & Purpose: 13 Marines at Camp Pendleton charged with crimes related to smuggling of undocumented immigrants from Mexico; Desert Shield Part II: Pentagon sending US troops to Saudi Arabia; DoD deletes tweet that joked about blowing up millennials trying to storm Area 51 and more ->
DOD: Spotlight – National POW/MIA Recognition Day

Gems in the Attic: Computer Keyboard Nirvana by Cheryl Bolen


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