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By Heather Chapman: Bluegrass legend Dean Webb, influence on many, dies at 81
Tim Hahn: An offer for help from a hometown friend: When Bret Imboden visited his hometown of Erie in spring, he offered help to anyone battling drug or alcohol addiction. Some people have taken him up on the offer.

“I’m here 24/7 for any family that needs help,” Imboden said. “I know there’s a stigma around addiction. But you shouldn’t be ashamed. There’s help out there, and there’s a better way of life.”

Those who would like Imboden’s help are invited to call him at (814) 806-4635.
By Simon Rein Program Manager, Cultural Institute: For Louis Armstrong’s birthday we tune in to “Tiger Rag” on a Gramophone
By Christine Cube: Blogger Conferences: Top Events to Attend in August
By Nicholas Quah: A big shakeup at Audible has left the audiobook giant’s podcast strategy unclear Plus: Alex Jones gets deplatformed, a new alternative to Patreon for producers, and some contradictory data about how people use Alexa.
“How are you going to keep ’em down on the farm?~”
By Heather Chapman: How to keep rural young people from fleeing to the city?

By Debra Lynn Dadd: Fires, farmer’s markets, car mats, and much more…
Atlas Obscura: On Ireland’s coast, a wildfire has just uncovered an “Éire” sign, which was meant to guide wartime pilots passing over the neutral territory during World War II., The Hidden Clifton Rocks Railway and more ->
By Jonathan Moules: Netflix Versions of Higher Education Emerge
By Eugene S. Robinson: Doctor Offers Simple Solution to Curb Obesity: Swallow a Balloon

By Mark Wilson: Google wants to make JOMO happen Forget FOMO. Google wants to design for the Joy of Missing Out.
By Jeremy Hsu-Undark: AI aims to save kids from shooters Several companies are using software to automatically detect guns in schools, but it’s still difficult to judge the accuracy or integrity of their systems.

Of course, no school security is foolproof. Today, even without the high-tech AI, schools post armed police officers or guards, limit access points, and install metal detectors–and all have failed to stop school shooters at some point, says Cheryl Lero Jonson, assistant professor in criminal justice at Xavier University in Cincinnati. Last year, Jonson published a literature review in the journal Victims & Offenders on the effectiveness of school security measures. She found them all lacking.

“Prevention measures, including technological-driven measures, can be breached or fail,” Jonson says. Active shooter drills will be necessary even as technology improves, she adds, because “people need to be equipped with the skills and mental preparation needed to potentially survive an active shooting event.”
Cheryl Lero Jonson: Preventing School Shootings: The Effectiveness of Safety Measures
The tragedies at Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook Elementary School catapulted concern about school shootings into the national spotlight. Calls for something to be done to protect our students, faculty, and staff became a salient concern for school administrators, with many schools hiring armed security officers, restricting access to campus buildings, installing metal detectors, and training individuals how to respond when a shooter enters school grounds. However, many of these security measures were implemented with little to no consultation of the empirical literature. This failure to enact evidence-based responses has had fiscal and latent consequences that are only now being discovered. This essay seeks to fill that void by examining the empirical evidence surrounding common security measures enacted in response to well-publicized school shootings and calling for the use of an evidence-based approach to school safety.

By Robert Safian: Spotify’s $30 billion playlist for global domination How CEO Daniel Ek plans to beat Apple, Amazon, and Google at the music game.
By Robert Safian: Exclusive: Spotify CEO Daniel Ek on Apple, Facebook, Netflix–and the future An intimate look inside the mind of the CEO bending the music industry into his vision for it.
Muck Rack Daily: The LeBron James Interview About Bicycles, by Jason Gay of The Wall Street Journal, Joël Robuchon, Most Michelin-Decorated Chef in the World, Has Died. James Hansen and Adam Coghlan have the obit for Eater London, Florida, as bouts with killer algae rose, Florida gutted its water quality monitoring network. Jenny Staletovich has that story for the Miami Herald and more->
By Meg Pace: Southern Living: This Mississippi Paper Is Changing The Way News Is Reported
Yes, I am a clutterer
Wit & Delight: 4 Lady Bosses Tell Us What Their Workspace Says About Them! Plus What Your Workspace Says About You.


By paleseu: Lemon Essential Oil Cold Estraction
By Hometalk Hits: 11 Unexpected Ways to Use Spices in Your Home You can do so much more than cook with these!


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By toymakerlabs: Cast Iron Skillet Pizza
By TheGluttonousGeek: Night Vale-Inspired Smoked Wings W/Cactus Buffalo Sauce

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