FYI December 2, 2016






Casey Chan: Watch Chernobyl’s Huge Radiation Shield Slide in and Enclose the Damaged Nuclear Reactor


Matt Novak: Over a Dozen FBI Agents Hospitalized After Million Dollar Sculpture Makes Them Sick


I have not read the book. Nor any desire or plans to.
Kelly Faircloth: Big Plans Are Afoot for Harper Lee-Based Tourism in Her Hometown


Samuel Anderson: Pedro Almodóvar Stans for Female Short-Story Authors, Just Like You

Lucia Berlin
Berlin was born in Juneau, Alaska, and spent her childhood on the move, following her father’s career as a mining engineer. The family lived in mining camps in Idaho, Montana and Arizona, and Chile, where Lucia spent most of her youth. As an adult, she lived in New Mexico, Mexico, north and south California and Colorado.