FYI February 08, 2017




Judge Randy Stoker should be removed from the bench. The law needs to be re-written and the judge should experience what the girl went (and will be suffering repercussions)  through.  

Aimée Lutkin: Judge Blames Rape of 14-Year-Old Girl On Social Media

Judge Randy Stoker should be bombarded with actual mail to his home address, since, ya know — he hates the Internet and thinks it’s a good excuse for rape. But since I’m not privy his home address, he can be reached here:
Honorable Randy J. Stoker
P. O. Box 126
Twin Falls, Idaho 83303-0126
Phone: (208) 736-4036
Fax: (208) 736-4155

Side note: This is the SAME judge who was lenient with the white football players who sexually assaulted a black, mentally disabled teammate.





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