FYI January 07, 2019

On This Day

1939 – Marguerite Perey discovers Francium, the last element first discovered in nature, rather than by synthesis.
Marguerite Catherine Perey (19 October 1909 – 13 May 1975) was a French physicist and a student of Marie Curie. In 1939, Perey discovered the element francium by purifying samples of lanthanum that contained actinium. In 1962, she was the first woman to be elected to the French Académie des Sciences, an honor denied to her mentor Curie. Perey died of cancer in 1975.[1]


Born On This Day

1906 – Bobbi Trout, American pilot (d. 2003)
Evelyn “Bobbi” Trout (January 7, 1906–January 24, 2003) was an early American aviator, notable for her pioneering flying activities. Trout began her aviation career at the age of 16; however, her first solo flight and solo certificate was only given on April 30, 1928.[1] In the spring of 1928, Trout’s mother bought her an International K-6 biplane. Trout received her pilot’s identification card from the United States Department of Commerce on September 1, 1928.[2] She was the second woman to break the non-refueling endurance record for women when she flew 12 hours straight from California in 1929.[3] The record was previously held by Viola Gentry and was the first record where Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) rules of the endurance record were revised stating that endurance records had to be broken by a full hour.[4] Trout also participated in the Women’s Air Derby of 1929, which was dubbed the Powder Puff Derby. In 2001, she was recognized as the only living participant in the first Women’s Air Derby of 1929.[5] Evelyn got her nickname “Bobbi” when she copied the hairstyle of 1928 actress Irene Castle which was a short “Bob” haircut.[6][7]



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