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699 – En no Ozuno, a Japanese mystic and apothecary who will later be regarded as the founder of a folk religion Shugendō, is banished to Izu Ōshima.

En no Ozunu, also En no Ozuno, Otsuno (役小角) (b. 634, in Katsuragi (modern Nara Prefecture); d. c. 700–707) was a Japanese ascetic and mystic, traditionally held to be the founder of Shugendō, the path of ascetic training practiced by the gyōja or yamabushi.

He was banished by the Imperial Court to Izu Ōshima on June 26, 699, but folk tales at least as old as the Nihon Ryōiki (c. 800) recount his supernatural powers and exploits.

He also referred to by the name En no Gyōja (役行者 “En the ascetic”), En no Ubasoku (役優婆塞 “En the lay monk”) , or under the full name En no Kimi Ozunu, where Kimi (君) is his kabane or titular name.



Born On This Day

1699 – Marie Thérèse Rodet Geoffrin, French businesswoman (d. 1777)

Marie Thérèse Rodet Geoffrin (26 June 1699 – 6 October 1777) was a French salon holder who has been referred to as one of the leading female figures in the French Enlightenment. From 1750–1777, Madame Geoffrin played host to many of the most influential Philosophes and Encyclopédistes of her time. Her association with several prominent dignitaries and public figures from across Europe has earned Madame Geoffrin international recognition. Her patronage and dedication to both the philosophical men of letters and talented artists that frequented her house is emblematic of her role as guide and protector. In her salon on the Rue Saint-Honoré, Madame Geoffrin demonstrated qualities of politeness and civility that helped stimulate and regulate intellectual discussion. Her actions as a Parisian salonnière exemplify many of the most important characteristics of Enlightenment sociability.




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Professor emeritus Ron Osgood will use the outcomes from discussions in a two-day symposium to inform the ongoing development of his Vietnam War / American Stories digital archive.
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Deadine June 27, 2018 Virtual Choir 5: Deep Field Join your voice with thousands of others from around the world. Sign up at
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By tody: Rainbow Blue Chicken Pillow
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Marvin Bauch – aquapipot

Marvin Bauch – aquapipot

By Marvin Bauch: Aquapipot: Waterplanter, Aquatic Flowerpot, Aquarium, Pipe Structure – Difficult to Describe, Just Look.

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