FYI June 27, 2019

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1927 – Prime Minister of Japan Tanaka Giichi convenes an eleven-day conference to discuss Japan’s strategy in China. The Tanaka Memorial, a forged plan for world domination, is later claimed to be a secret report leaked from this conference.

The Tanaka Memorial (田中上奏文 Tanaka Jōsōbun) is an alleged Japanese strategic planning document from 1927 in which Prime Minister Baron Tanaka Giichi laid out for Emperor Hirohito a strategy to take over the world. The authenticity of the document was long accepted and it is still quoted in some Chinese textbooks,[1] but historian John Dower states that “most scholars now agree that it was a masterful anti-Japanese hoax.”[2]



Born On This Day

1906 – Catherine Cookson, English author and philanthropist (d. 1998)
Dame Catherine Ann Cookson, DBE (née McMullen; 27 June 1906 – 11 June 1998) was a British author. She is in the top 20 of most widely read British novelists with sales topping 100 million, while retaining a relatively low profile in the world of celebrity writers. Her books were inspired by her deprived youth in South Tyneside, North East England, the setting for her novels. With more than 103 titles written in her own name or two other pen-names (see Bibliography below), she is one of the most prolific British novelists.




By Clark Collins: Billy Drago, star of The Untouchables and Charmed, dies at age 73

William Eugene Burrows Jr. (November 30, 1945 – June 24, 2019), known professionally by his stage name Billy Drago, was an American television and film actor.[1] Frequently cast in the role of villain, Drago’s films included Clint Eastwood’s western Pale Rider[2] and Brian De Palma’s The Untouchables.[2][3]

By Bryan Alexander, USA TODAY: Max Wright, who played Willie Tanner on TV’s ‘ALF’, dies at 75

George Edward Maxwell Wright (August 2, 1943 – June 26, 2019), credited professionally as Max Wright, was an American actor, best known for his role as Willie Tanner on the sitcom ALF.

By James Clear: If You Commit to Nothing, You’ll Be Distracted By Everything
oey Garrison, USA TODAY: How did he still have a license? Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles boss quits after crash kills 7
BOSTON — The head of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles resigned Tuesday amid revelations that the truck driver accused of vehicular homicide in the death of seven motorcyclists in New Hampshire was able to keep his commercial driver’s license despite a drunken-driving arrest last month and a history of other serious traffic violations.

The resignation of Erin Deveney, registrar of the Massachusetts RMV, is effective immediately, Massachusetts Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack said.

Deveney’s departure comes after Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, a 23-year-old truck driver from Springfield, Massachusetts, was charged with seven counts of vehicular homicide. A pickup truck and trailer that he was driving Friday crossed a double-yellow line on a highway and collided with a group of motorcycle riders in the rural town of Randolph en route to a nearby veterans fundraiser.
By Joey Grihalva: This is not a profile of the comedian Brandon Wardell
By Tyler Fingert: Pulling the Plug: Chatom Ford ends promotion giving free gun with every vehicle purchase
By Edward Baig, USA Today: Big birds: Giant, 1,000-pound birds once roamed around Europe

By Liz Seegert: Roadmap helps states address the public health crisis of Alzheimer’s disease
By Courtney Tanner: Lauren McCluskey’s parents are suing the University of Utah for $56 million. Here’s what their lawsuit says.
The Rural Blog: Census using more satellite imagery to find rural minorities of color, who are historically reluctant to respond to it; States try to get lawyers to fill ‘legal deserts’ in rural areas; Supreme Court rules that federal judges have no role in deciding whether partisan gerrymandering goes too far; Fact-checking Democratic presidential candidates’ claims about health issues in their first debate and more ->
Saveur | Gabe Ulla: A Living Larder: The Joys of Fermentation

American Anthem NPR Neda Ulaby: ‘You Don’t Own Me,’ A Feminist Anthem With Civil Rights Roots, Is All About Empathy


The Passive Voice: Amazon Gets Bulk of Complaint in AAP Filing with Us Trade Commission; Amazon, Youtube and the ‘Too Big to Police’ Platform and more ->


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