FYI May 01, 2020

On This Day

880 – The Nea Ekklesia is inaugurated in Constantinople, setting the model for all later cross-in-square Orthodox churches.
The Nea Ekklēsia (Greek: Νέα Ἐκκλησία, “New Church”) was a church built by Byzantine Emperor Basil I the Macedonian in Constantinople between 876 and 880. It was the first monumental church built in the Byzantine capital after the Hagia Sophia in the 6th century, and marks the beginning of the middle period of Byzantine architecture. It continued in use until the Palaiologan period. Used as a gunpowder magazine by the Ottomans, the building was destroyed in 1490 after being struck by lightning. In English usage, the church is usually referred to as “The Nea”.



Born On This Day

1831 – Emily Stowe, Canadian physician and activist (d. 1903)
Emily Howarde Stowe (née Jennings, May 1, 1831 – April 30, 1903) was the first female physician to practise in Canada, the second licensed female physician in Canada[1] and an activist for women’s rights and suffrage.[2] Stowe helped found the women’s suffrage movement in Canada and campaigned for the country’s first medical college for women.[3]




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Bloomin Thyme: Vinegar & Salt Weed Control
Learn something new every day. Just when I thought I’d found the perfect solution to the weed problem in my organic garden, I realize I’ve been hoodwinked. You might have heard that vinegar is a natural weed killer. Add table salt and you have yourself a double whammy ultimate weed-killing solution to your garden woes.

Maybe not. According to Southern Living, pouring a solution of household vinegar and table salt on the weeds in your garden will cause more harm than good. Vinegar affects the leaves only doing nothing to stop the roots from continuing to grow and flourish beneath the surface. Salt permeates the soil and kills the roots, but it also kills healthy microbes and earthworms. ACK. These are absolutely essential to a healthy organic garden!


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