FYI November 09, 2020

On This Day

1729 – Spain, France and Great Britain sign the Treaty of Seville.
The Treaty of Seville was signed on 9 November 1729 between Britain, France, and Spain, formally ending the 1727–1729 Anglo-Spanish War; the Dutch Republic joined the Treaty on 29 November.

However, the Treaty failed to resolve underlying tensions that led first to the War of Jenkins Ear in 1739, then the wider War of the Austrian Succession in 1740.



Born On This Day

1801 – Gail Borden, American surveyor and publisher, invented condensed milk (d. 1874)
Gail Borden Jr. (November 9, 1801 – January 11, 1874) was a native New Yorker who settled in Texas in 1829, where he worked as a land surveyor, newspaper publisher, and inventor. He created a process in 1853 to make sweetened condensed milk. Earlier Borden helped plan the cities of Houston and Galveston in 1836.

Borden’s process for making sweetened condensed milk enabled the dairy product to be transported and stored without refrigeration, and for longer periods than fresh milk. After returning to the New York area to market another product, he set up factories for condensed milk in Connecticut, and later in New York and Illinois. Demand was high for his product by the Union Army during the American Civil War. His New York Condensed Milk Company changed its name to Borden Dairy Co. after his death.




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Rasmuson Foundation: For Alaska women veterans, a place to call their own
How to attend the launch
Media representatives and members of the public are invited to the launch of Operation Mary Louise on Zoom Nov. 9 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Please click here to join: Or join by phone: (253) 215-8782 or (877) 853-5257 (toll free). If prompted, the webinar ID is 956 4412 7688.

For immediate release
Nov. 9, 2020
Contact: Vanessa Meade, (907) 306-2367

Women veterans in Alaska now have a new tool to learn about services, improve their visibility and connect to the state’s growing women veterans’ community.

Operation Mary Louise is a statewide community-based women veterans project that is being launched Monday, Nov. 9, Alaska Women Veterans Day. The project is named after veteran pioneer Col. Mary Louise Rasmuson, who served in the military from 1942-1962. As director of the Women’s Army Corps, she expanded opportunity for all women, which included her successful effort to integrate Women of Color. When she retired in 1962, she moved to Alaska with her husband, Elmer Rasmuson, a banker and future Anchorage mayor who co-founded Rasmuson Foundation. She gave back to her adopted state just as she had in the military.



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