FYI September 15, 2016

Mark Sullivan: The iPhone 7 Plus’s Dual-Lens Camera, Tested By An Award-Winning Photojournalist


Bryan Menegus: Apple Is on a Moderation Rampage After Porn Was Found in iOS 10


When I was taking legal courses in college a male student posed questions including these two: protecting anonymity and financial concerns such as child support.
No clear answer on either.
Christina Farr: She Found Her Biological Father On Ancestry And 23andMe


Patrick George: Ford Finally Confirms It’s Moving All Small Car Production To Mexico


I did receive a call from Carolyn Blashek, thanking me for my donations of music cd’s, etc.
Operation Gratitude Wish List and you can request a care package!  Know a service member deployed in harm’s way? Sign them up here and we will send a care package filled with 50+ items, wrapped with love & good wishes.


Ammonia ingredient might be a concern.
Itch-B-Gone by Moem in homehealth