Images April 02, 2017

Alba Evangelista Ramos, a Brazilian biologist, captured these rare images of a lenticular cloud from a moving vehicle on March 18, 2017, near the Observatory of Haute-Provence, situated in southeastern France. In this particular case, the “UFO cloud” seems to have been produced by the cold mistral wind that strongly blows over southern France, as it was pushed up the 2,132-foot-high (650-meter-high) plateau of the observatory.



Marc Toso captured this image in New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon on March 15, 2017 at about 11 p.m.
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Amazing Waterfalls in Pure Romanian Nature
By Viktor Hanacek


Architecture Details of St Matthias Cathedral in Budapest
By Viktor Hanacek


Charles Bridge and Vltava River in Sunny Prague
By Viktor Hanacek