Images April 04, 2017

Spiraea arcuata (1)
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Spiraea arcuata (2)
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Erica arborea
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Saussurea nuda
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Picture of the Day: The Point Reyes Shipwreck Before It Burned Down Photograph by Adil Ashraff Abandoned on a sandbar in Tomales Bay was this small fishing boat which had become a popular attraction for photographers visiting the Point Reyes National Seashore in California. That was until last February when a fire on deck destroyed much of the remains. According to the Daily Mail, firefighters from nearby Inverness battled the blaze for two hours before extinguishing the fire. It was reported that the cause may have been a photographer’s long-exposure light-painting photo involving sparks from burning steel wool. It’s tragic that one irresponsible person may have ruined this beloved tourist attraction for so many people but the photos of the Point Reyes shipwreck will live on. via Adil Ashraff on Wikimedia Commons




Tragopan is a genus of bird in the family Phasianidae. These birds are commonly called “horned pheasants” because of two brightly colored, fleshy horns on their heads that they can erect during courtship displays. The scientific name refers to this, being a composite of tragus (billy goat) and the ribald half-goat deity Pan (and in the case of the satyr tragopan, adding Pan’s companions for even more emphasis). Their habit of nesting in trees is unique among phasianids.


Sun halo over snowy Cape Breton Island
mage via Tynski Photographic.



Orion and the Gum nebula – the jewels of the summer Southern sky 🙂 Here is a very wide field spanning from Orion down to Vela constellation. You can see many red emission nebulae along the Milky Way ! In order to get such nice contrast I used Optolong L-Pro filter on modified Canon 6D camera. It really helps not only in heavily light polluted sites, but it also does some magic under the dark sky. I hope you’ll like the image!