Images March 11, 2017

Milky Way over Nubble Light
Jatin Thakkar said, “My Milky Way season begins with this image of the Milky Way rising over the Nubble lighthouse, located in York, Maine.”


The Yaquina Head Lighthouse, located one mile west of Agate Beach in Oregon. (Nikon D200 using the 18-200 zoom – 1/320th sec at f8) Photo by Dick Pratt.


Buildings In Front of San Francisco Ferry Building At Night
By Viktor Hanacek in Architecture


Photo via Tommy Richardsen
Tommy Richardsen captured this aurora image in Nordreisa, a municipality in northern Norway, on March 2, 2017. Thanks for catching it and sharing it with us, Tommy!


Cakile edentula
Published by Daniel Mosquin on March 7, 2017


Cakile edentula, close-up
Published by Daniel Mosquin on March 7, 2017


Fucus gardneri
Published by Daniel Mosquin



Photo by Brooke Lark.
(Cleaning the table top would not be fun. Rustic as in splinters?)



Unfortunate Meeting
Courtesy of Vector’s World


Farm Mail
Courtesy of Vector’s World

Courtesy of Vector’s World



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