Kindle May 17, 2018

DRIFTED (David Wolf Book 12) Is Now Available!

Jeff Carson’s latest David Wolf mystery thriller is now live on Amazon Kindle. Please find the links and book description below. The price has been discounted, and will remain so for the first 48 hours. (So grab your copy now!)

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As the snow melts, a disturbing truth emerges.

Colorado mountain detective David Wolf is back in the latest page-turning mystery that will leave your heart pounding and lungs pumping for air.

A Rocky Points businessman goes missing, leaving behind an SUV drifted over in snow and a lot of questions for the Sluice-Byron County SD. But the answers are hard to come by, and Chief Detective David Wolf’s personal problems aren’t making investigating any easier for him and his team.

As the temperatures rise in the Chautauqua Valley, the most important clue emerges from the melting drifts. At the same time, Wolf’s memories surface from the shadowy depths of his mind and back into his life. Even for a man with Wolf’s history, dealing with the case and facing his demons head-on proves too much, and Wolf is brought to his knees, both physically and mentally.

Will the valley’s best cop rise again, purified by fire? Or will his ashes drift away on the high winds of the Rockies, leaving behind a justice unpaid?

Thank you so much for your continued support with the David Wolf series. I hope you love reading the book as much as I did writing it.

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