Military April 22, 2021

Task & Purpose: The Army vowed change after Vanessa Guillén’s murder. One year later, it’s just getting started “I think that the jury’s still out on whether or not there has been a cultural shift at Fort Hood.”; This is the first general to be court-martialed in Air Force history “This was not a decision made lightly, but I believe it was the right decision.” Cop-turned-sailor-turned-nurse saves 2 people with 2 separate organ donations “In the end it’s really just for me: my motto is ‘do good, feel good, repeat.'” And more ->
  Air Force Survey Shows One-Third of Respondents Fear Reprisal for Reporting Mistreatment; UK Apologizes for Racism in Memorials to WWI Dead; An MQ-9 Drone Is Teaming Up with a Navy Warship to Obliterate Targets at Sea and more ->
DoD: DOD Announces 2021 Environmental Award Winners and more ->