Military February 15, 2019

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By Rachael Riley: Condition of One Injured Army Golden Knights Member Upgraded
By Gina Harkins: Man Shot and Killed at Naval Air Station After Busting Through Gate
By Jim Garamone: Acting Secretary Pleased With Progress of Coalition to Defeat ISIS
By Gina Harkins: A Navy Ship Sailed to Hawaii and Back With No One on Board
One bullet.
By Douglass Dowty, Syracuse Media Group: Former Air Force colonel must pay $150,000 for raping girl 30 times, judge rules
Andrew Green, now 52, of Jamesville, spent four months in jail on a statutory rape after pleading guilty. He became a registered (though not public) sex offender. He retired from the military after being arrested on rape charges.

State Supreme Court Justice Deborah Karalunas Wednesday ruled that Green must pay the victim $125,000 for past and future damages, as well as $25,000 to punish him for taking advantage of the underage victim.