Military July 26, 2022 Written in Blood: The Catastrophic Shipwreck that Prompted the Coast Guard’s Rescue Swimmer Program; Army Moves to Save Legacy of the Baron — Ernie Pyle’s Drinking Buddy, Aristocrat, Artist, Spy, and WWII Legend; Operation Acid Gambit: How Army Special Forces Rescued an American Hostage in Noriega’s Panama; After Scuttling VA Overhaul, Senator Rolls Out His Plan to Upgrade Facilities; 102-Year-Old WWII Veteran from Segregated Mail Unit Honored;Army Vet Bob Rafelson Created The Monkees, Then Revolutionized Hollywood; ‘Animal House’ Star Tim Matheson Talks Marine Corps Service and more ->
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By Allen G. Breed, AP News: Former Associated Press investigative reporter Jean Heller works on a novel at her home in Southport, N.C., on Saturday, July 9, 2022. In 1972, Heller broke the story about the U.S. Public Health Service study in which Black men in Alabama went untreated for syphilis so researchers could document the disease’s effects. (AP Photo/Allen G. Breed) How an AP reporter broke the Tuskegee syphilis story
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