Military June 08, 2020

By Katie Lange, DOD: Medal of Honor Monday: Army Maj. Alfred Rascon Support Rally Held for Air Force Veteran who was Assaulted While Holding Trump Sign; Museum Exhibit Focuses on Wyoming Women During WWII; Novel ‘Korea: Forgotten Sacrifice’ Delves into Korean War and more ->
Task & Purpose: A Marine vet stood in silent protest outside the Utah Capitol so long that his shoes melted; Texas Army National Guardsman helps deliver oil wells for BP; Soldiers are finally getting a robot mule that can haul 1,000 pounds of gear and more ->



Courtesy of Legacy Collectibles, we have an FN 1900 to look at today that was purchased by the Russian Imperial Army’s primary Gymnastics and Fencing School (Главная гимнастическо-фехтовальная школа). That was an institution established in 1909 to train officers who would become fencing and gymnastics instructors for the Army at large.