Military March 02, 2019

By Bruce Henderson: A Pioneering WWII Vet Died Alone, But She’ll Get a Hero’s Farewell
In her 97 years, Bertha Dupre served in World War II, rode the rails for Amtrak and, in her 80s, became a full-time student at UNC Charlotte.

But she died alone in December, with no family left to claim her body. That gnawed at a growing number of volunteers she never knew in life but who will take her to a final rest.
By Richard Sisk: VA Needs to Do Better Credential Checks on Its Doctors, Report Finds
Task & Purpose: The war documentary the Marine Corps doesn’t want you to see is finally hitting theaters; Army wife writes scathing open letter rejecting husband’s reenlistment bonus: ‘His life is worth more than $105,000’; The story behind ‘Combat Kamasutra’ — the parody military sex book you never knew existed and more ->
By Matthew Cox: Army to Award 12 Distinguished Service Crosses in Final Push to Upgrade Medals
By Oriana Pawlyk: Air Force Halts Delivery of New KC-46 Tankers over Debris Inside Aircraft

According to a management memo from Boeing’s factory managers obtained by the Seattle Times, eight tools were found in aircraft delivered to the Military Delivery Center (MDC) at Paine Field, about 25 miles north of Seattle. The MDC approves and completes the aircraft.

All aircraft under construction are supposed to be swept routinely for debris. Loose objects are dangerous because they can cause damage over time.

The MDC declared a “level 3” alert on the assembly line. “Does anyone know what a level four is?” the management memo said, according to the paper’s report. “A level four … will shut down our factory. This is a big deal.”

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