Military May 17, 2019

One bullet each.
You wish to help serve, protect and defend your country, who is going to protect you from your fellow service members?

By Jeff Schogol: ‘You are a disgrace to your Purple Heart’ — Green Beret’s mother rejects Navy SEAL’s apology for killing her son

Matthews was sentenced to one year in prison, reduction in rank to E-5, and given a bad conduct discharge, although the punitive discharge could be lessened if he testifies against the other service members involved in the case and Melgar’s family approves, according to Navy Capt. Michael Luken, the military judge overseeing the case.

Melgar died on June 4, 2017, when Matthews and three other U.S. service members hazed him with the permission of Melgar’s team leader.
A year in the brig, while Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar is still dead.
The Associated Press | By Ben Finley: Navy SEAL Gets Year in Brig for Hazing Death of Green Beret
You wish to help serve, protect and defend your country, who is going to protect you from your fellow service members? | By Gina Harkins: Sailors Created ‘Rape List’ Aboard Navy’s 2nd Sub to Integrate Women

On June 16, 2018, Kercher’s senior enlisted adviser alerted him about two lists discovered aboard the sub. One ranked the female crewmembers using a star system. A second, which included sexually explicit comments next to each name, corresponded to those rankings, according to the investigation.

“Rumors of a ‘rape list’ were promulgated throughout the crew, significant numbers of females became concerned for their safety, and male members who learned of the list were equally repulsed,” Rear Adm. Jeff Jablon, then-commander of Submarine Group 10, wrote to his superior days before Kercher’s relief. “Very few knew what limited action was being taken by the [command].”

Kercher directed a search of the sub’s network to locate the list and identify those accessing it, the investigation states, but stopped short of opening a formal investigation and failed to notify his command.

The Associated Press | By TOM FOREMAN Jr.: A Separate War: Pioneering Black Marines Endured, Prevailed

Stars and Stripes | By J.P. Lawrence: US Airstrike, Coordinated with Afghans, Accidentally Killed Up to 17 Policemen
Fighting in Helmand has claimed the lives of more American, British and Afghan soldiers than any other province in Afghanistan during the 18-year war. Insurgents controlled slightly more than half of Helmand’s territory, according to U.S. military data from October.

Thursday’s attack comes about two months after miscommunication led to a U.S. airstrike that killed at least five Afghan soldiers and wounded nine others at a checkpoint in neighboring Uruzgan province, another area of heavy Taliban activity. In that March incident, a firefight had erupted after soldiers at a checkpoint began shooting at a patrol of their own troops, who were accompanied by American advisers on a planned nighttime raid outside the provincial capital Tirin Kot. | By Richard Sisk: It’s Official: Former Senator, WWII Vet Bob Dole Is Now An Army Colonel
Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley made it official Thursday: 95-year-old Bob Dole, the former senator, presidential contender and World War II veteran, is now a colonel.

In a private ceremony at one of Dole’s favorite spots, the World War II Memorial, where he sometimes shows up unannounced to greet other veterans, Milley conferred the honorary rank of colonel on the former Army 10th Mountain Division captain.
Interesting comments.
The Associated Press: Report: Marine Corps Punished at Least 8 Instructors over Hazing Claims