Military May 29, 2019 | By Gina Harkins: Marine Killed in Australia Humvee Accident; 3rd Rollover Death in 6 Weeks
Robert Lee “Bob” Green (1926 – 2019)
He enlisted in the Army at age 18 and served in the legendary 1Oth Mountain Division in Italy during World War II, later re-enlisting in the Army AirCorps and was honorably discharged in 1947. | By Richard Sisk: Inspection Reveals Missing, Inaccurate Headstones at Military Cemeteries
The report found that officials responsible for the cemeteries “in some instances did not ensure proper placement of gravesite markers or verify that information on the markers corresponded to burial records, update their cemetery system of record after each burial, or verify that gravesite locations were correct in their system of record.”

The report also cautioned that “a lack of complete gravesite accountability could prevent family members, or other interested persons, from finding specific gravesites.”

The IG’s office renewed a recommendation from a previous report that DoD adopt a uniform set of standards for the operations and management of military cemeteries run by the service branches.

DoD “agreed with our recommendations related to standardizing training for cemetery officials, establishing business rules for adjudicating data discrepancies, and completing an accountability census of all cemeteries and the digitization of all records,” the report said.
By John Harney, Bloomberg News: Rep. Seth Moulton reveals his past struggle with PTSD to combat stigma around mental health care
Moulton’s campaign released his mental-healthcare plan shortly after the Politco article appeared.

“By bringing this issue to light, and being open about his own struggle, Seth hopes to remove the stigma around mental healthcare and bring this issues front and center. Seth represents a generation of veterans from the War on Terror who should not be forced to live in the shadows while going through this struggle,” the Moulton campaign said in a statement.
By C. Todd Lopez: DOD Officials Urge Troops to Seek Mental Health Help Without Fear
”We absolutely need to get the word out that it’s almost impossible to lose your security clearance from endorsing a mental health history on your SF-86 question 21,” said Navy Capt. (Dr.) Mike Colston, the Defense Department’s director of mental health policy and oversight. ”We really have data — [this has happened to] a couple dozen out of nearly 10 million security clearances,” Colston said. ”So when we look at the process of ‘Let’s get down to the data,’ are we going to kick you out for having a mental health condition? Probably not.”
Star Tribune | By Jeremy Olson: Minneapolis VA Is Testing a Local Invention to Ease PTSD Nightmares
The brainchild of a Macalester College graduate to help his father overcome combat-related nightmares has turned into a promising — but still experimental — medical app that is being tested by the Minneapolis VA Medical Center.

Called NightWare, the app is loaded onto an Apple watch, where it learns to track the pulse rates and biometric readings of wearers when they have nightmares. Once trained, the app instructs the watch to buzz lightly, rousing sleepers from their nightmares without fully waking them.
By C. Todd Lopez: Defense Digital Service Delivers Mission-Aligned Tech for DOD
Brett Goldstein is the newly-appointed DDS Director. A wiz from both the public and private sectors, Goldstein helped to develop OpenTable, a popular online restaurant reservation system, and he was the first chief data officer in the United States. He also boasts City of Chicago CIO, police commander, academic and venture capitalist on his resume.
SecDef Names New Convening Authority
The Associated Press | By Brian Melley and Julie Watson: Navy SEAL Seeks to Toss Slaying Case over Withheld Evidence
Attorneys for Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher plan to ask a military court Wednesday in San Diego to dismiss the case or remove the prosecutor and, possibly, have the judge himself step aside.

“Gallagher’s case has been irreparably corrupted by a government campaign of outrageous and illegal conduct,” attorney Tim Parlatore said in the opening salvo of his motion to dismiss the charges. “This prosecution threatens to make an unequivocal farce of our justice system.”

The motion comes with Gallagher’s trial less than two weeks away and amid mounting pressure from the defense after lawyers discovered prosecutors planted tracking software in emails sent to the defense team and a journalist that may have violated attorney-client privilege and other constitutional rights.

The Navy has said it did nothing wrong and has no plans to remove the prosecutor. A spokesman wouldn’t comment on the motions. | By Amanda Sullivan: From Amish to Army: The Story of One Soldier’s Challenging Journey
By HirePurpose: How two different paths led two veterans from the Marine Corps to Microsoft
By Chris Capelluto: Video review: the new M240 Lima is so hot right now
By Jared Keller: 13 titles for James Mattis’s upcoming book that are better than ‘Call Sign Chaos’