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1787 – Pennsylvania becomes the second state to ratify the United States Constitution, five days after Delaware became the first.



1900 – Sammy Davis, Sr. American actor and dancer (d. 1988)


1915 – Frank Sinatra, American singer, actor, and producer (d. 1998)


1937 – Buford Pusser, American police officer (d. 1974)



1947 – Wings Hauser, American actor, director, and screenwriter


On this date:

1950 –Paula Ackerman, the first woman appointed to perform rabbinical functions in the United States, leads the congregation in her first services.


1985 – Arrow Air Flight 1285, a McDonnell Douglas DC-8, crashes after takeoff in Gander, Newfoundland, killing all 256 people on board, including 236 members of the United States Army’s 101st Airborne Division

The accident was investigated by the Canadian Aviation Safety Board (CASB), which determined the probable cause of the crash was the aircraft’s unexpectedly high drag and reduced lift condition, most likely due to ice contamination on the wings’ leading edges and upper surfaces, as well as underestimated onboard weight. A minority report stated that the accident could have been caused by an onboard explosion of unknown origin prior to impact.



907 Updates December 12, 2016

Annie Zak: Big changes might be coming to a popular Midtown Anchorage mall


Suzanna Caldwell: In South Anchorage, Butcher Block No. 9 raises the profile of Alaska charcuterie



Congratulations Fairbanks writer Michael Engelhard
Nancy Lord: Exploring wildness in lyrically crafted prose leavened with honesty and humor


Presented by Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium: ’Tis the season: Volunteer opportunities for giving back
SPONSORED: A little goes a long way for kids, seniors and four-legged friends this holiday season



Shorpy December 12, 2016

January 1943. Washington, D.C. “Girl in the doorway of her room at a boarding­house.” With photographer Esther Bubley (or sister Enid) front and center. Medium format negative for the Office of War Information.


This mystery woman came from a small metal box of slides I found in a thrift store; they all appear to have been professionally done. There are various index tabs in the tray that may or may not be the names of the photographers who took the photos but other than that no idea what this is about. She is very elegant except for the 3-pack-a-day look around the eyes.

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Just because I love this version:



Quotes December 11, 2016

It is never too late to heal the mind and to bring to ourselves and to those around us the compassion and kindness that arise from that healing and integration.
Dan Siegel

“To me, education is what people do to you, and learning is what you do to yourself. [School] feels like they’re trying to make you memorize the whole encyclopedia before they let you go out and play … like they assume you’re going to be on top of some mountain all by yourself with a number 2 pencil trying to figure out what to do, when in fact you’re always going to be connected, you’re always going to have friends, and you can pull Wikipedia up whenever you need it, and what you need to learn is how to learn.”
Joi Ito

Knowledge is realizing that the street is one-way, wisdom is looking both directions anyway.
The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources
Albert Einstein

Optimism: Waiting for a ship to come in when you haven’t sent one out.

books have knowledge, knowledge is power, power corrupts, corruption is a crime, and crime doesn’t if you keep reading, you’ll go broke

Advice for the day: If you have a headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle: Take two, and KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.
Mark Twain

It may look like I’m doing nothing, but I’m actively waiting for my problems to go away.

Drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing.
Robert Benchley

A criminal is a person with predatory instincts who has not sufficient capital to form a corporation.
Howard Scott

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FYI December 11, 2016

Jessica Contrera, The Washington Post: When every moment of childhood can be recorded and shared, what happens to childhood?



Rhett Jones: The Insides of Ordinary Objects in Macro Glory

Used Syrp Genie and Mini-Genie paired with Adaptalux lighting



wold630: Easy Chocolate Ganache


In The Kitchen With Matt: Easy Soft and Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies




907 Updates December 11, 2016

Congratulations Lark Shellhamer

Do you have a favorite server and ask for their section when dining out?  For several years, when I made reservations at the Cattle Company, I requested “Mike.”  And if the Cattle Company goofed, and instead, we were placed with someone else, we were moved to his section.  On the flipside, when we go to Round Ass Island (Golden Coral), the section we like to sit in has a horribly obnoxious  waitress.  We’ve figured a work-around for her.  Going before she comes on shift is the easiest method.  
Charles Wohlforth: Meet a diner waitress whose kindness made regular customers into lifelong friends



And this means, accomplishes what?
Annie Zak: Alaska Republican Party formally pulls support from 3 of its own




Shorpy December 11, 2016

San Francisco, 1929. “Franklin Brougham at Lafayette Park.” Its telltale bollards standing guard. 5×7 glass negative by Christopher Helin.

Quotes December 10, 2016

In the practice of our days, to listen is to lean in, softly, with a willingness to be changed by what we hear.
Mark Nepo

A beautiful heart can bring things into your life that all the money in the world couldn’t obtain.

Stop expecting others to act first, be the one who makes a positive change.
Leon Brown

Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.
Serbian Proverb

“Idleness is often covered by turbulence and hurry. He that neglects his known duty and real employment naturally endeavours to crowd his mind with something that may bar out the remembrance of his own folly, and does anything but what he ought to do with eager diligence, that he may keep himself in his own favour.”
Samuel Johnson, Selected Writings

“The desire of being believed, the desire of persuading, of leading, and directing other people, seems to be one of the strongest of all our natural desires.”
Adam Smith, The Theory of Moral Sentiments