Personal Responsibility where you choose to live September 1, 2016

The following rant, loud writing, is for single and small groups of people. Natural disasters, happenings beyond control (broken natural gas lines, water mains, etc.) are not a consideration.

When one chooses to build on rock (no water) difficulty in reaching or outside fire service areas, unstable soil and not get insurance, should everyone else be financially responsible?


Build on rock, then complain there is no water and ask city to provide water.  The homeowners along the proposed route will be asked to help defray the costs~


Recently a fire was started at McHugh Creek in the Anchorage area.  Remember, fires are prohibited in the park.  Fortunately no lives were lost.  Folks built nearby, knowing their escape routes were limited to one road. These are expensive homes, $500,000 being entry-level.

There are means to protect against a majority of fires. Build with non-flammable material, external & internal fire suppression systems, clear all flammable materials away from dwelling and on and on.


The Matanuska River has changed course and flooded throughout the years. People choose to live on and near it. Then they expect or demand everyone else bail (no pun intended) them out.


Zaz Hollander:  FEMA rejects buyout for owners of disappearing property along Matanuska River