Quotes August 13, 2022

Here’s some free advice — don’t troll me.
a. If I don’t love you, I don’t care what you think. That’s just a fact.
b. My mother was a schizophrenic. If you think I haven’t heard everything — been called everything? You’re wrong.
c. I’ve been trolled in the worst kinds of ways. I grew past it.
Last piece of advice — go find something that makes you happy because projecting your judgements and stupidity on me? It won’t make you happy.
Claudia Hall Christian
“If you are not in the arena getting your ass kicked on occasion, I am not interested in or open to your feedback. There are a million cheap seats in the world today filled with people who will never be brave with their own lives, but will spend every ounce of energy they have hurling advice and judgement at those of us trying to dare greatly. Their only contributions are criticism, cynicism, and fear-mongering. If you’re criticizing from a place where you’re not also putting yourself on the line, I’m not interested in your feedback.”
Brené Brown