Quotes December 08, 2017

“The battlefront disappeared, and with it the illusion that there had ever been a battlefront. For this was no war of occupation, but a war of quick penetration and obliteration – Blitzkrieg, Lightning War.” – September 25th, 1939
Unknown TIME Magazine Writer
“The Germans should have thought of some of these things before they began the war, particularly before attacking the Russians.” – referring to a German soldier’s request to surrender only to British or American forces and not the Russians.
British General Bernard Law Montgomery
“In a life and death struggle, we cannot afford to leave our destinies in the hands of failures.” – on the British handling of the war in Norway
British Labor Party Opposition Leader Clement Atlee
“The Chinese soldier was tough, brave, and experienced. After all he had been fighting on his own without help for years. He was a veteran among the Allies.”
American General Bill Slim
“How horrible, how fantastic, how incredible it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas masks here because of a quarrel in a faraway country between people of whom we know nothing.”-1938

“It is evil things we shall be fighting against, brute force, bad faith, injustice, oppression and persecution.”-1939
British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain
“They sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind.”
British Air Marshal “Bomber” Harris
“The Russian Colossus…has been underestimated by us…whenever a dozen divisions are destroyed the Russians replace them with another dozen.” – Commenting on the might of the Soviet Army following the invasion of the Soviet Union
German Army General Chief of Staff Franz Haldervon Armin

The hand that held the dagger has struck it into the back of its neighbor.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt (speaking of when Italy invaded her neighboring country, France)
Peace is absurd: Fascism does not believe in it.
Benito Mussolini, Fascist Dictator
When I said that British fighter-bombers had shot up my tanks with 40mm shells, the Reichsmarschall who felt himself touched by this, said: ‘That’s completely impossible. The Americans only know how to make razor blades.’ I replied: ‘We could do with some of those razor blades, Herr Reichsmarshall.’
Field Marshall Erwin Rommel
“Oh merciful lord… crown our effort with victory… and give us faith in the inevitable power of light over darkness, of justice over evil and brutal force… Of the cross of Christ over the Fascist swastika… so be it, amen.”
Sergei – Archbishop of Moscow – 27th November 1941
“Goddam it, you’ll never get the Purple Heart hiding in a foxhole! Follow me!”
Captain Henry P. Jim Crowe – 13th January 1943 – (Guadalcanal)
And when he gets to Heaven
To St. Peter he will tell:
‘One more Marine reporting, Sir — I’ve served my time in Hell.’
Sgt. James A. Donahue
First Marine Division