Quotes January 22, 2020

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

The road ahead may seem cold and dark. Follow the light. Be kind. We will move through this together
Wasps are the jerks of the insect world. They can sting over and over again. They take hostage insects, make them zombies, and raise their young inside them. AND, they are voracious pollinators all flowering plants. They are jerks that have a necessary role in nature. Be kind to jerks too. They need it more than anyone else.
There is an end to the tunnel. Kindness given and received will show you the way.
This is your life. Your life is your life. Stop hating it. Want to start loving it? Be kind — to yourself, to everyone and everything around you.
Kindness is a bridge between yesterday and tomorrow. Be kind.
Listen, even though this moment might suck. This is a wonderful world filled with dogs and cats and great food and wonderful people and great songs and beautiful moments. It’s truly a wonderful world. Be kind to you — go find the wonder.
You weren’t put here to fix everything. You were put here to love. All you have to do is love them. Remember: Kindness is love in action.
Whatever road you are on, being kind will create great horizons in your life.
A beautiful garden is filled with all types of flowers. A beautiful life is filled with all types of people. Be kind to all kinds. Watch your life bloom.
We use words to speak to our God. We use words to speak to our loved ones. We use words to speak to ourselves. Words have powerful consequences. Make sure that yours are kind.
Be kind to everything big and small.
Hey, the world’s dark corners are in full view right now. Find a reason to laugh. You’ll feel better. Be kind to you.
You may not realize it, but right this moment someone is thinking of you. Someone is loving you.
Never forget — you are loved.